The Wild, Ungovernable Self – An exhibition of the works of Chancellor Page

Meet the artist, Chancellor Page, at a reception on Saturday, July 28, from 2:00 – 4:00 pm at Goldmark Cultural Center located at 13999 Goldmark Dr., in Dallas, TX 75240.

Goldmark Cultural Center is pleased to present The Wild, Ungovernable Self, an exhibition of new work by Chancellor Page.  Chancellor spent two years creating this series of works on paper, investigating why we forget, what we choose to remember and how we reconcile personal and collective loss.  Drawing from a space where the sacred and sordid thrive in the same cage, this work explores the wild, ungovernable self, and ultimately celebrates awareness, authenticity, and impermanence.

Chancellor Page was born at Fort Sill, an Army base in Newport News, Virginia. He has lived in Austin, Bushwick, Heidelberg, Lawton, Los Angeles, Newport News, Providence and Dallas. He is a graduate of UT Austin, where he studied English and Philosophy. He received his formal artistic training from Don Taylor, Chong Chu, David Newman, Lisa Ehrich and Fahima Vadhat at Brookhaven College. He studied with Dennis Congdon, Michael Young, Duane Slick and Donna Bruton at the Rhode Island School of Design, where he received an MFA in Painting and Printmaking. For 14 years, Chancellor has taught all levels of drawing, painting and design at Texas colleges and universities. He is married to artist Kandice Davis, and has two sons, Jake and Elliott. Chancellor lives and works in Dallas.

Artist Statement – “Drawing allows me to investigate why I forget, what I choose to remember, and how I reconcile, reconstruct and retranslate personal and collective loss. This is a process of surrendering – reliving and reinterpreting pain – that celebrates the wild, ungovernable self. Drawing allows the sacred and sordid to thrive in the same cage. While every act of reconstructing memory lets the narcissist in to reframe experience and exalt pleasure as the narrative of meaning, it also replays the loop of vulnerability and hope, and ultimately becomes a celebration of awareness, authenticity and impermanence.”

“The Wild, Ungovernable Self” exhibit is now on display and will remain on display through August 3.  View times outside of the reception date are weekdays, 10:00 am -4:30 pm.
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