The Tiny Art Show and Sum-Sum-Summertime at the Cove

402 N. Tennessee St.
McKinney, TX 75069

June 15-16:  The Tiny Art Show, curated by Wendolin Mercado
June 22-23:  Sandy and Alex Forbes: Sum-Sum-Summertime

The Tiny Art Show is here! 
Curated by Wendolin Mercado
June 15th and 16th 6-9pm
Don’t miss this unique, lighthearted gallery showing of tiny works of art.
Join the show by creating your own tiny work of art to be displayed!
(Tiny art supplies provided.)
Tiny snack and big fun will be provided!

Sandy and Alex Forbes:  Sum-Sum-Summertime
Friday, June 22nd, 5-9pm
Saturday, June 23rd, 5-9pm

Alex and Sandy love to interpret life events in oil paintings.  This exhibit of their recent works offers their versions of what summertime should be about.


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