The Phoinix Project, a Solo Show by Shawn Saumell opens Sept. 16


For the solo exhibition at JM Gallery beginning on September 16, Shawn Saumell has set his works on fire. Literally. After reviewing his personal collection and archives, Shawn decided to “blaze” his photographs; not as an act of destruction, but rather as a reconstruction. The burning is not about obliteration, but about metamorphosis and rebirth. Using existing bodies and individual pieces of work, Shawn baptizes the materials in flames and new life emerges. Fire destroys. Fire cleanses. Fire makes new. The two-dimensional becomes three-dimensional. The photograph becomes sculptures, drawings, paintings, and installations. In the process, the images are completely transformed, the spaces they occupy are transformed, their forms have transformed, and their material compositions have chemically transformed. Thus, beauty emerges from decay, old worlds become new, appearances change but substance persists. Experience may be fleeting, but the Phoinix rises.

In conjunction with The Phoinix Project, Shawn Saumell will be displaying a retrospective of his past six bodies of work in the lobby of One Arts Plaza.

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