The Garden of Earthly Delights: Paintings by Jaime Arredondo


September 12November 15

Irving Arts Center

Featuring oil paintings by Jaime Arredondo, an Irving native now residing in New York. Arredondo’s series of lush, large-scale paintings of flowers explore color, light and beauty as well as the sensual and spiritual symbolism of the flower in both Western and non-Western cultures. The exhibit which is timed to coincide with national Hispanic Heritage Month, showcases the work of an artist who strongly identifies with both the Mexican and Tejano cultures of Texas. The son of a Native American father of Mexican heritage and a Tejana mother, Arredondo’s paintings explore Mesoamerican culture where the flower operates not as a decorative device (as in the Western world), but as a dichotomous symbol, recollecting moments of the living and of the after-life.

Abstraction could no longer give me all the things that were necessary to continue painting. I needed a larger audience, a larger vision, and a greater sense of light and color. I wanted to speak directly and unequivocally about Beauty in a way that was romantic and poetic but not cynical. Each of my paintings had to be unique, singular and visionary. I turned to Nature, and nature led me to the flower.
— Jaime Arredondo

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