The Flight of the Moth: What does fractal geometry have to do with Art? Lecture on Oct. 16


Thursday Evening Lecture at

 The O’Keefe Studio Center

The Flight of the Moth: What does fractal geometry have to do with Art?

Thursday, Oct 16th, 7:00 – 8:30 pm 

Join artist Ray Larrow for an enlightening, provocative and entertaining talk that will examine fractal geometry as it pertains to an intuitive painting process.  Ray will offer insights into his own paintings, while providing a thought provoking and unexpected perspective on the visual arts.

Among other things, Ray will touch upon the following questions:

How might a once obscure area of mathematics relate to an artistic intuition as it relates to executing brush strokes?

How might fractals relate to inventing one’s personal way of painting?

How might the wandering moth offer cues into a particular, calculative method of painting?

Admission to this talk is $15. Wine will be served.


The O’Keefe Studio Center is located at:

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For more info contact Michael: (972) 528-0309 or

Ray Larrow, “Under The Mountain” 2013, Oil on Canvas, 8”x10”

Minds Eye – An Artist’s Perspective at The DMA

On Friday, October 17th, Michael O’Keefe will speak at the Dallas Museum of Art about the exhibition “Mind’s Eye”.  This talk will be an artist’s perspective about the nature of these wonderful works on paper.  Michael will illuminate many of the drawing ideas that are demonstrated by the work of over 70 different artists seen in over 120 drawings.  This talk will be part of the October Late Nights programing. Michael will speak in the “Mind’s Eye” galleries at 10:30pm. This talk requires a special exhibition ticket. Info at:

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Michael O’Keefe

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