The Dragon That Never Sleeps: Living With Chronic Migraines – Installation by Anna Crowley Ford


The Small Gallery is honored to host an installation by Anna Crowley Ford.
Opening November 19th, 6-9pm.

Anna Crowley Ford’s installation consists of over 50 handmade ceramic heads in her own likeness. Each describes a different feeling or experience that she has when she is attacked by migraines. She has beautiful photographs of herself along with her story. The exhibit will include a video that she has made of herself doing simple tasks while experiencing these migraine headaches. There is a meter that goes with each vignette that tracks The escalation of her pain and nausea as she performs these tasks.

It is a beautiful and important work of art. Since so many people suffer from migraine headaches and other debilitating situations I believe as many people as possible should have an opportunity to see this exhibit.


Anna Crowley Ford artist statement: I use my personal experience with chronic migraines and headaches to create work that speaks to larger issues of pain, isolation, mental health, and chronic illness. Using materials such as clay, video, treatment-related documents, and other medical objects I illuminate social and livelihood impacts of a chronic illness (unemployment, deterioration of friendships, dependence on others) and expound upon the sensory experiences (changes in vision, hearing, dizziness, the location and texture of pain) that occur with migraines. I strive to inform my audience and to raise awareness of disorders that are not readily visible to the outside observer.
Chronic illnesses create a vicious cycle: pain, unemployment, and expensive medical treatments. With over 30 million people affected by migraines alone, a dialogue needs to be established, stigmas removed.
My work creates a narrative to reveal the far-reaching effects of these disorders. By exploring these social, environmental, and sensory impacts of chronic headaches, migraines, and their treatments, I strive to break stigmas and to engage in a conversation about the effects of these disorders.

ford-head-webThe Small Gallery is located in the west wing of Valley View mall (LBJ/Preston) @ 13331 Preston Rd., in Dallas, Texas.

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