Talley Williams opening Jan. 17 at PAA Gallery


In The Beginning: I Woke Up Painting

Artist Talley Williams
Features Her
Plano Art Association Exit Exhibit
January 17, 2015 5:00p-7:30p
Plano Art Association Gallery
1013 15th Place Ste 105 Eastside Village


Talley Williams is the current president of a suburban based non-profit organization. She has held that position formally since May 2012, when Mrs. Williams hit the ground running chairing her first exhibit with the group six weeks later. Mrs. Williams’s effort was well received by the community, and was featured by Dallas Morning News local edition of Plano’s Neighbors Go section. Mrs. Williams was quoted in the article as say.” Life is layered and multifaceted. Culture represents part of its layers, part of its facets. Each culture shines and contributes to its brilliance.” When Talley Williams says this it is not for the camera. Her passion for diversity and culture is evident in the brand she has carved out for the organization which though a part of Plano’s landscape for 46+ years suffered from identity theft. The organization only recently received gallery space over the last year. But let’s not get ahead of the story hear. Talley Williams followed The Multicultural Exhibit which partners with Plano’s International Festival director Graciela Katzer. Both women understand the importance of cultural representation, fueling and shaping the next generation by generating dialogue in the community through their various organizations. Mrs. Katzer refers to Mrs. Williams as,” undeniably passionate and excellent at communicating ideas and reaching an audience.”


Talley Williams followed her efforts further by increasing Plano Art Associations brand and awareness of the organization’s 150 + members with a second exhibit themed” I AM”. Not one to shrink from controversy for ideas she is passionate about Mrs. Williams had no problem explaining to the organizations board that while the theme held a religious tone it also focused on the artists expressing their perspectives through the theme and by doing so would pull in its community and generate conversation around art and its ability to bring people together. Bringing people together is Mrs. Williams second greatest tool in bridging cultures and generating an appreciation of differences. With the help of V.P. David Williams and treasurer Belinda Williams, along with PAA artists who contribute their art and when able, time to the organization Mrs.Williams was able to present quite a few unprecedented exhibits for the City and its artists. Plano has been well represented through the organization as “a city of excellence” such ground breaking exhibits as, CHANGE, COLLABORATIONS, SACRED SPACES OF MACHU PICCHU, PLANO’S FIRST BLACK HISTIORY EXHIBIT, WHY I LOVE ART, PURPLE REIGN: CELEBRATING CANCER/AUTO IMMUNE AWARENESS, ANNUAL MEMBERS EXHIBITS, DEERFEILD MUSIC AND ARTS FESTIVAL, POLITICALLY INCORRECT, AND PANORAMIC HOLIDAY. Talley Williams is often overheard sharing her concept of the organizations brand with her moniker for the group, Plano Art Association bringing a little SoHo to Plano. Mrs. Williams also believed one of the components that stagnates a group and a community is not recognizing all the forces and influences that drives it. It is for this reason she pushed the organization to include a sense of activism to art calls and exhibits.


Talley Williams ” The journey to bring change to our organization, establish brand and open dialogue concerning vital issues while using art as a platform has not been easy, but I will say it has been well worth. I believe Plano is beginning to recognize our presence, and through the efforts of phenomenal artists like, Dr. John Van Ness, Dr. Jayshree Bihari, Pouran Borders, David Blow, Kanyi Muraguri, Jordan Grimes and Patricia Baumann, Gregory Lavender, and Bobbie Dicking just to name a very few, we are able to represent a more well-rounded view of what Plano has in its artists. These as well as many of our other artists use various mediums, sculpture, photography, acrylic, mixed media, encaustic and yes even spoken word. I also believe they can trust our organization to represent its very diverse and eclectic community. While Plano is one of the number one suburban cities to live in we certainly want people interested in moving here to know that we are not one dimensional or out of touch with what’s going on in our community and around the world.”


Mrs. Williams casts an easy smile when asked about her own upcoming exhibit entitled “In the Beginning”, as she shares the intent behind her show.

“The very real truth about my work with Plano Art Association and my own exhibit is that they both are the result of a very real shift that has occurred in both my and my husband’s life , and I’ll add , in the lives of other artists. We are all a little worn and a little tired of focusing on all the issues and differences that separate, and divide us. We’re all either expressing or trying to find ways to reach out and bring people together. For years both my husband and I have felt that art is the very unusual platform that allows people to have conversations they otherwise would not have, with people they otherwise would not have met, over and about something so universal… Art! What makes my story, my journey a little different is , like Beyoncé’s song, ” I woke up like this!” Four years ago I literally passed out, and woke up with the ability to paint and communicate unifying ideas about humanity and culture on canvas, during that journey I have exhibited, developed a line of products, designed one of a kind leather cloaks, written a beside inspiration book and served the city of Plano through the Plano Art Association. I’d like to share what has happened to me, I’d like to share what happened “In the Beginning”. I have to do that with my husband by my side because he has both witnessed and photographed the entire process. My hope is that just like with the Plano Art Association people are changed , challenged or inspired to follow their dreams, to believe in something bigger than themselves…to have a new beginning.”


Talley Williams’ exhibit will be featured at Plano Art Association Gallery 1/17/15 – 2/7/15. Reception to be held at the Gallery Saturday 1/17/15 5:00P-7:30P


Plano Art Association is a non-profit organization that serves the artists of Plano and surrounding cities. Contact the organization online at www.planoartassociation.com


Or visit the gallery located at 1013 15the Place Suite 105/Eastside Village Apts. Plano TX. 75074




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