SWA 4th Annual Invitational Exhibition in Grapevine


SWA 4th Annual Invitational Exhibition in Grapevine

January 6 – February ?, 2015

Any organization is only as good as its volunteers! Volunteer members in the Society of Watercolor Artists were invited to show works in the Palace Arts Center in Grapevine and 18 artists accepted. The Annual SWA Invitational Exhibition was begun by past SWA President Darla Bostick as a Recognition of Volunteers Exhibition. She is the Exhibition Chair and found assistance through Jim Stewart who handled the hanging of the exhibition.

Buchanan - Madison Ave

Buchanan – Madison Ave


McCall - Grapevine with Red Grapes

McCall – Grapevine with Red Grapes


The exhibit will be on view at the Lancaster Theatre Lobby Gallery at 300 South Main Street, Grapevine during the months of January and February. There is no reception scheduled for the event.


Participating artists: Rhonda Barefield, Darla Bostick, Lynne Buchanan, Bob Cook, Gail Cooksey, Debbie Downing, Sharon Giles, Hugh Heaton, Susan Henry, John James, Norma Lively, Brenda Morgan, Shirley Nichols, John Nickell, Celeste McCall, Veronica Ritchey, Eloise Sears, Jim Stewart and Jo Williams.

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