SONIQ EXHIBITION: Muse Sings the Blues June 18


Artists and lovers of the arts! The Muse has been the object AND subject of countless works of art for centuries. Her silent presence has been the inspirational catalyst for artists of every medium.

The artist, through his/her art, typically creates and tells the Muse’s story. But, what if the Muse told her own story? What would she say? What would she want us to know?

Singer and Art Model Marquel Dionne combines the art of song, storytelling and movement/non-movement to bring the heart, mind and soul of the Muse to life.

Artists are encouraged to bring their easels, sketchbooks, canvases and DRY media (no paint, water colors, etc.) of their choosing. Spectators are encouraged to bring their appetite for musical adventure and a total immersion into the world of art and sound.

Song Exhibition: “Torch/blues/wailing” songs made popular by women from around the world.

Artists: This concert will be very similar to a typical clothed life drawing session. It will include gestures, short and long poses. This is NOT a photography session. Photos are allowed for REFERENCE PURPOSES ONLY! Photos used for any other purpose require Marquel Dionne’s WRITTEN consent. By purchasing a ticket and/or attending ANY Soniq Exhibition performances, you understand and comply with these terms. Thank you for your cooperation.

Marquel Dionne, founder of Soniq Exhibition, is a singer, art model and yogista. She has toured Europe, Canada and the United States. She is a lover and performer of vintage, classical, non-mainstream and world music, sings 7 languages and glides between genres with ease. Ms. Dionne resides in Dallas,TX. To learn more about Marquel and listen and watch video clips, please visit

$20/person (Pre-registered)  Please visit to PRE-REGISTER.

$30/person (At the door)

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