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Runs July 7-July 31

Thursday, July 5 | 6-8pm
Saturday, July 7 | 11AM-2PM

Dutch Art Gallery will host a Meet the Artist reception for Lisa Adams Reed during our First Thursday Event for July as well as a demonstration by the artist that Saturday. The reception kicks off the opening of Lisa’s solo show titled  “Magical Mystery Tour”. Every title relates to a song by The Beatles. You can get to know Lisa a little better with this Artist Spotlight article, but be sure to come by the gallery to meet her and see her work in person, including new pieces. Light refreshments will be served.

For artist Lisa Adams Reed, the luscious layers of oil paint and cold wax that she combines to create colorful, stylized visions of nature are also a metaphor for life. More than “just trees” the work originates from a deep place within her and creates a strong emotional connection with the viewer. They are her “SoulScapes”.

“Life is filled with layers and all of them together make us who we are. The layers of my paintings represent all the experiences we have, whether joyous or trying. They make us the beautiful beings that we are.”

The first layer of her artistic journey began at age eight when she proclaimed to her parents that she wanted to be an artist, but Lisa’s intentions were diverted for many years. It was only after becoming a “workaholic executive in a Fortune 150 company” that art was reintroduced to her life. Her caring sister-in-law, seeing the impact of Lisa’s high-stress job, stole her away for a weekend where they took a one-hour watercolor and ink sketch class. “It stroked my brain in ways that felt familiar that had been long abandoned. I used it as therapy to sketch as I worked at a job that required much travel.”

She began keeping a travel journal using watercolor and ink. Sketching in offices, airports, hotels and restaurants, it became a balm for her soul. She first touched cold wax only 4 years ago. Having suffered a stroke that left her blind in one eye, Lisa abandoned her small watercolor and ink paintings. After first fearing she would have to give up painting completely, she instead embarked on a wide-ranging exploration of “every medium that existed” and found a new passion with cold wax. A passion that would guide her in completely new artistic directions. Ones that fed her soul.
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