Simon Bilodeau: THE STORY WITH NO ENDING reception Sept. 12 at Circuit 12



A Solo Exhibition of New Work by Quebec Based Artist:
Simon Bilodeau

Artists Reception September 12th 2015


Circuit12 Contemporary
1811 E. Levee Street
Dallas Texas 75207
214-760-1212 Gallery

Simon’s work revolves around the painted image and its location within a given space. Sculptures and paintings are presented within a certain context, while stemming from the same concept. “The environment that I am proposing is an imagined representation of a fabricated world in which I invite the viewer to step into”.

Coming from a painting background, Simon began to incorporate sculptural elements into my work, to the extent of rendering the paintings almost virtually secondary. These sculptures have always, and increasingly so, been integrated to constructed environments designed to feature the canvases. I make conceptual paintings closely connected to the act of painting itself, as a process and a time-based action. The setting that encompasses the paintings becomes an integral part of the visual composition.

Bilodeau elaborates his paintings through arbitrary and automatic gestures, without following any preconceived structure. The work is circumscribed by specific rules that come about spontaneously within a given time frame. The exclusive usage of a black and white palette is one rule that he follows above all else, and has become intrinsically bound to the aesthetics of his work.

Bilodeau2 Bilodeau3

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