Shayema Rahim and Lesli Robertson open at JM Gallery July 30


Please join us this Saturday, July 30 from 5 until 8, for an opening reception featuring work by Shayema Rahim and Lesli Robertson.

JM Gallery presents the work of two women who find beauty in unexpected materials. Lesli Robertson fuses concrete and textiles in provocative objects that force us to question the boundaries between brutal strength and refined delicacy. In works featured in this show, Lesli uses detritus from her life and studio, including woven pieces, broken forms, and pieces cut from earlier works to create “Remnants,” a series of new forms that document and comment on the material objects that define the work of her hands.

Shayema Rahim transforms drab wax into brilliantly colored encaustic paintings, full of emotion and spirit, that reveal her passion and let us share it with her. Painting in encaustic combines beeswax, resin, and pigment into deep, complex layers and allows Shayema to create lyrical works whose textures, colors, and patterns evoke the rhythm and tone of music and to express the emotional struggles and joys that have defined her as a person and an artist.


ABOUT JM GALLERY // JM Gallery offers works of art on paper and sculptural forms that engage both the eye and the mind. The gallery promotes artists who create smart, visually compelling work and showcases their art in a space that is inviting and accessible. JM Gallery is committed to working closely with artists as they develop their work and careers and to developing lasting relationships with collectors. In collaboration with area schools and non-profits, they enrich the creative community by teaching artists and collectors about navigating the complex world of art.

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