SDCC Exhibits: Jamaal Stafford and Rosie Lee open Sept. 12


United Snakes of America by Jamaal Stafford


“Million Dollar Flows”: by Jamaal Stafford

In “Million Dollar Flows“, artist Jamaal Stafford explores the subliminal messages that surround the rap industry due in no small part to the obsession with the trappings of money and drugs in so many of the lyrics and imagery created to accompany the music. He poses visual questions about the relationship between the love of the “Bling” and the demise of talent among rap artists, making correlations between the business of the music industry and the lack of real artistry in so many of today’s rap artists. Stafford also makes commentary on the devaluation of women and extreme misogyny that seems to accompany the image of the succesfull rap artist. He poses the question of whether the notion of male/female relationships has been replaced by the love of money, sex and drugs.
Picture Our Future by Rosie Lee

Picture Our Future by Rosie Lee

Dandy Fresh Pt. 2: The Cool Kids X South Africa by Rosie Lee
“In my second series titled “The Cool Kids” I explore groups of creatives made of primarily self taught designers like the Smarteez from Johannesburg who take their love for print, color and heritage into global phenomenon and sensationalism. These young risk takers look to inspire big box fashion department stores by displaying their own unique styles. Their essence and fluidity is captured through lines and acrylic paintings giving breath to a subculture often overlooked for trendsetting ideas in fashion. The second part in the Dandy Fresh series, the works on paper, offer a sense of simplicity with neutral colors and draped textiles blurring the lines between painting and sculpture. The art examines form and color through young women and men to provide differing perspectives into the lifestyle of The Cool Kids.”~ Rosie Lee, 2015
Both shows open Saturday, September 12 at 5 pm and run through October 24, 2015.
Arthello Beck Gallery
South Dallas Cultural Center
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