Ruth A. Keitz: Silent Interiors That Speak opens Nov. 3

28 Harrison Avenue #3


The Fort Worth Community Art Center is pleased to announce a juried solo exhibition by Ruth A. Keitz from Los Fresnos, TX. The exhibition opens Friday, November 3, 2017 and runs until Wednesday, November 22, 2017. A reception honoring the artist will take place on Friday November 3, from 6 to 8 in the evening in Gallery 6 at 1300 Gendy Street, Fort Worth, 76107.

Ruth A. Keitz has been involved in art since elementary school. She participated in Saturday art classes at the Carnegie Institute in Pittsburgh, PA from fourth grade through high school. (Well known graduates of the Carnegie Institute program include Philip Pearlstein and Andy Warhol.)

However, it was her father who ran a part-time business painting lines for parking lots, crosswalks, and directional traffic arrows who claimed to have taught her how to paint while working for him summer nights. Perhaps there is more truth than fiction here considering the linear structure of many of her works and the recurring subject matter of night skies.

After graduating with a BA in art from Allegheny College in Meadville, PA, she went to the University of Texas at Austin to continue her education. She was a student of Kelly Fearing and Michael Frary. She completed her MFA in art education with a minor in studio art and a PhD in curriculum and instruction with a minor in studio art.

Her art explores the concept of linear perspective and the concept of the picture plan appearing to advance or recede. Her training in art history has influenced her art:

  • Renaissance linear perspective and the Renaissance concept of the picture plane as a window to the world with its perceived depth and space;
  • Baroque compositions that spill towards us from the picture plane.

The stuff of her art is as likely to be the discards of industrialization as the discards of nature. She enjoys the “thingness,” the uniqueness of objects and materials: texture, shape, color, contrast. All the work uses an extensive mix of found man-made and natural materials.

Her mixed media and collage works include series, such as, “Silent Interiors,” “Fragmented Box,” “Night Windows,” “Moonrise Rift,” “28 Harrison Ave,” “1601 Pine Hollow Road,” and “Doors with No View.”

If you would like more information about this or high-resolution images associated with this release, please contact:
Contact name: Ruth A. Keitz Number: +1 956-371-2951 Email: keitzra@gmail
Website: includes a preview of the exhibition, “Nov. 3-22: Silent Interiors That Speak”

Artist’s Statement

Silent Interiors That Speak

My mixed media collages and constructions reflect my interest in the physicality of objects, their “thingness”: textures, shapes, colors. Regardless of the subject matter, message, or symbolism, all my work uses mixed media and often includes a variety of found objects. The stuff of my art is likely to be ropa usada or other man-made discards or the discards of nature.

“Silent Interiors That Speak” explores how we create a space/room where we live and where we work. The Silent Interiors include former classrooms where I have taught, former offices, views from rooms in my home, views of room in what was my sister’s home, and empty rooms in my childhood home.


G-115 Classroom: views through the window of the classroom door, across the hall, through the window
of another classroom door, and through the window of that classroom to the outside.

LHSB 1.602 Classroom: the architectural view of the adjacent buildings would change depending on where I stood and the daily weather conditions; the sky, changing and unchanging; walls that were some days impenetrable and other days nonexistent; an entry door with a window that had no view; never determining the exact hue of the neutral white walls, sometimes warm sometimes cool!

View from the Studio: explores the same view which is never the same. Changes in seasonal or daily light create patterns of shadows that harmonize and contrast with the lattice covered pergola and the tile accent. My private patch of sky changes its color. Usually the varying patch of blue is empty, but sometimes I am startled by the glimpse of a fleeting airplane or a bird.


Night Window: explores images of the darkened sky as seen by the naked eye and as revealed by the unconscious mind at night in dreams: sometimes the sweetly poetic and sometimes the omnia noctis (omens of the night).

Moonrise Rift: explores the sensuous texture of the sky and the
palpable quality of its blackness as the brilliant glow of the moon tears and tatters the fabric of night.

G-115 Classroom/Camera Obscura: examines the outside visual world spilling into the classroom. Like the tiny pinhole of the Renaissance camera obscura, the window of the silent, empty room floods the space with the inverted images of the outside world.


PB1: remembering a shared office space that became an office only for me.

28 Harrison Ave: remembering the rooms of my sister’s home which are now silent.


1601 Pine Hollow Road: looking back over the elapsed years to the spaces and rooms that shaped me.

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