RO2 Art presents Sharon Neel-Bagley Ready..1..2..3….


WHERE: The Magnolia Theatre, 2nd Floor Bar – West Village
WHEN: December 8 – January 20, 2015-16
OPENING RECEPTION: Wednesday, December 9, 6-8pm

Ro2 Art is pleased to present “READY..1..2..3….” featuring new photographs by Dallas-based artist, Sharon Neel-Bagley. The reception will be held Wednesday, December 9, from 6-8pm

These are not your ordinary floral photographs. They are high-speed shots taken at the moment of impact between the ammunition shot from a pellet gun and a chemically frozen flower. When I freeze these beautiful specimens with liquid nitrogen, they become brittle, allowing them to shatter, fracture, and crack in unusual ways. Shooting these flowers creates an explosion of energy, motion and color that only exists in a brief moment in time.
— Sharon Neel-Bagley, 2015

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