Ro2 Art: On view and Upcoming: Bruce Sciefelbein’s ‘Not This, Not That’ & more



It’s Not This, It’s Not That

Bruce Siefelbein


3699 McKinney Avenue, in West Village, Dallas, TX 75204

Opening Wednesday, July 20, 6-8pm
Through August 23, 2016



I spend a great deal of time painting and
a good deal more wondering about the results.


– Bruce Sciefelbein





Bumin Kim

July 9 – July 23, 2016

1501 South Ervay in The Cedars

The transformative power of materiality is at play in . . .  these works shift, undulate, and pulse into our space, promulgating themselves as entities emancipated from the confines of flatland, and now poised, vibrating, just above the surface. Drawing has been personified, and is no longer limited to the index of the hand, or the illusion of the flat surface. It is an echo of a once sorrowful song, whose voice is present, tender, and alive.
                                                     –Bumin Kim, 2016




Portrait of a Chicken

Cassie Phan

July 9- July 23, 2016

Ro2 Art is proud to present a new installation by Dallas-based artist Cassie Phan entitled ‘CHAMPION: Portrait of a Chicken,’ This interactive new work, described as “a brief study of lines” will take place in The Gallery Under the Stairs at Ro2 Art.


Spore Sprouting Tests



1501 South Ervay in The Cedars

June 25 – July 23, 2016

The Nomadic Fungi Institute has been conducting Spore Sprouting Tests to ascertain if Nomadic Fungus spores can be coaxed into germination and encouraged to grow in a laboratory setting. This exhibition represents the culmination of two years of research and offers a step-by-step guide to the scientific procedures used in these tests. Although the American government has yet to officially verify or for that matter acknowledge the existence of Nomadic Fungi, there is no doubt that a mutated, invasive fungus feeding on automobile components poses a very serious threat to humanity.
                          – The Nomadic Fungi Institute, 2016



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