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I recently had the pleasure of viewing the current art exhibition at the Kimball Art Museum, Monet: The Early Years.  The exhibition includes paintings that concentrate on the first phase of Claude Monet’s illustrative career.  The young genius was well on his way in artistic development and imagination as is evident by the caliber of the paintings.

I was most captivated with Monet’s paintings of water and reflections given my own enjoyment of capturing reflections with my camera.  Monet’s obsession with the painting of water and reflections was apparent by his keen ability to capture its many changing effects and moods.  Something I can truly appreciate as the slightest change in your camera position or the wind on the surface of the water can produce a profound change in your image.

I would like to believe Monet would have appreciated the photograph that you see.  It is a reflection of a stone building on a meandering stream.  Captured during a partly sunny morning using a Nikon D810 camera with a Nikon 300mm f4 Phase Fresnel lens.  Exposure was f10 @1/25 second; which was slow enough to allow the ripples on the water to create the intent I desired.

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