Reflections: ceramics works by Ginny Marsh

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The Goldmark Cultural Center’s John H. Milde Gallery is proud to present Reflections, an exhibition of recent ceramic works by Ginny Marsh.

Featuring high temperature stoneware, the exhibition is thematically characterized by the overarching concepts of self-reflection and retrospective introspection. To a large degree, the creative process for many of the featured works was heavily influenced by Ginny’s exploration of the role played by memory in the healing process and in navigating the everyday obstacles of life.

This contemplative approach infuses each work with a life and imagined narrative of its own, entirely independent of Ginny’s subjective experiences and creative influences, which allows each viewer to draw his or her own meaningful connections to the piece. Ideally, each piece serves as a vessel for recalling, collecting, and reflecting the experiences of the viewer and in that way establishes a compelling connection irrespective of the original intent which informed the piece’s creation.

On a secondary level, the featured works simultaneously and elegantly synthesize Ginny’s extensive knowledge of the history of ceramics with a forthright consideration of the underlying principles and theory of functional ceramic design. Manifesting primarily in a purposeful aspect to the form of the finished pieces, this synthesis has the added effect of firmly transposing these works into the realm of contemporary and functional ceramic ware.

Reflections will be on display at the John H. Milde Gallery from 14 November 2020 to 31 January 2021. An exhibition opening will be held on Saturday, 14 November from 11am to 5pm. After the opening, visitors can schedule an appointment to view the exhibition during regular visiting hours by contacting

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