Rachel Fischer’s Plastic Nirvana opens Feb. 14 at 500X


In Rachel Fischer’s MFA thesis exhibition Plastic Nirvana, she examines the stigma of consumer culture and its relationship to the categorization of art as object. Boundaries between mass production and high art are blurred in her use of repurposed commercial materials in her sculpture, while her paintings reproduce their likenesses at larger than life scale. The paintings and sculptures presented are characterized by saturated color and a heightened focus on materiality. Often these forms recall the iconography of religious devotional paintings and ritual objects. Their symmetry and centralized imagery combined with aura like, glowing color fields create Fischer’s vision of what she terms a “new world religion” of consumerism.

On view in the 500X upstairs gallery: February 14- March 8


Opening Reception, Saturday, February 14, 7-10 pm



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