Opening Reception for Testament – UT Arlington/Ft. Worth Center

Opening Reception
Thursday, April 9th 2015, 6pm – 8pm
Exhibition: April 9th – May 23, 2015

Gallery 76102
UT Arlington/Fort Worth Center
1401 Jones Street
Fort Worth, TX 76102

Gallery entrance located at south end on Jones, limited parking available in the front & back of the building

Jennifer B. Thoreson
Testament is a collection of twelve intricately staged photographs which, through sculpture, installation, and representational human subjects, explores the spiritual labor of bearing weight,
submission, futileness, and persistence.

To create the work, Jennifer sought out a house that reminded her of her childhood home, rented the house for one year, and transformed it into a freighted sanctuary for constructing

She fabricated sculptural objects for each image, using materials such as wool, linen, clay, human hair, and beeswax. The materials borrow symbolic language from the Bible, and create alter-like, fleshy masses. Jennifer imagines the house as a gateway, the silent space just before crossing over. The people in the photographs are in the final phase of bearing weight, moments away from finally laying it down. The artist is seeking the moment of relief, and relishing in the moments just before it occurs. | 817.272.0365 |

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