On view and upcoming at Ro2 Art





Ro2 Art at The Magnolia Theater
3699 McKinney Ave. Ste. 100 / West Village
May 21- July 5, 2015
Opening Reception:
Thursday, June 4, 6-8pm

365 is the accumulation of a year-long project by Georgiou in which she took a photograph of herself at the moment when she woke up for 365 days. She would then upload the raw image to her Instagram account using the trending hashtag, #iwokeuplikethis, and monitored how many “likes” and comments each image received. This exhibition highlights selected portraits and included a video of all 365 images.

Danielle Georgiou is a dancer, choreographer, and video artist based in Dallas, TX. Her stage and video work deals with puzzles found in femininity- vulnerability, deformity, and beauty. Her work has shown across Texas, New York (Horton Gallery), California (Rogue Fringe Festival), Florida (Bosch Film Festival), Oregon (Portland’s Experimental Film Festival), and Germany (2nd Berlin Besucher Triennial). She exhibited both her performance and video work at the 2013 Texas Biennial, was a part of a three-person show at Eugene Binder Gallery in Marfa, TX, and recently completed a solo show at Women and their Work in Austin, TX. Her video work will be a part of the Edinburgh Arts Festival in the summer of 2015 (at the Garage Gallery).



CHANCE DUNLAP: Oklahoma Breakdown
Ro2 Art Downtown
110 North Akard
May 9- June 7, 2015
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Chance Dunlap’s current body of work revolves around his personal experiences, material interests, and reflects his intrigue with preserving both the roots of his heritage and studio practice. The aesthetic he has developed over the years has it’s roots in the junk piles and simple vernacular installations he grew up very near and interacted with, yet is also laced with cultural references key to his generation.The object is central, yet it’s value is brought up for interrogation. Some of the work follows a direct sculptural path where planned forms or found objects are challenged by improvisational applications. Another stream of work plays with both sculpture and painting, yet being neither, challenges and embraces each while another group of work responds directly to painting and confronts the strange rural mysticism he encountered growing up.


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