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Ogunji and Adams open Sept. 13 at SDCC


Two exhibitions open in the galleries that showcase the work of Austin/Lagos artist Wura-Natasha Ogunji and Dallas/Chicago artist Carris Adams.

South Dallas Cultural Center
3400 S. Fitzhugh Avenue Dallas TX 75210
*New Hours: Tues. Thurs. Fri.- 1-9 pm; Wed & Sat. 9-5 pm



In the main gallery, Ogunji’s show“That’s not the Atlantic (There’s a disco ball between us)” is an exhibition of new drawings by artist Wura-Natasha Ogunji which includes an installation with video projection as well as small scale works. The exhibition title comes from Ogunji’s installation of drawings on large-sheets of architectural sketch paper. Video projections intermittently illuminate areas of the drawing that have been stitched with fluorescent thread with much of the video originating from footage the artist took with her cell phone while in Lagos, Nigeria.

Oyibo vs Herself by Wura-Natasha Ogunji Photo: Stephen Harris

Oyibo vs Herself by Wura-Natasha Ogunji
Photo: Stephen Harris

Ogunji says about this new work: “That space between Africa and the Americas is so often imagined as an abyss, a space of loss or disconnection. With this work I am imagining the sea as a collection of mirrors which are constantly reflecting and refracting, much like a disco ball. In the space of the nightclub anything can happen. Our futures are not (pre)determined by the past–be that history, or even memory.”

Both exhibitions close October 25, 2014.
In the small gallery, Adams’s “Re-”, illustrates her interest in the signs/signifiers that are consumed within a private space such as one’s home.
Carrie Adams "Static"

Carrie Adams “Static”

She states “Late night television commercials and the strategies involved in using the black and brown body to advertise a product or service became of interest due to how these commercials reflect stereotypes that exist in the world such as Church’s Chicken commercials with food frying matriarchs or agencies that will “fix your credit”. Broadcasted on smaller television networks outside the prime time hours of 8pm-11pm, these commercials not only emphasize a variety of stereotypes but can also echo the systematic inequalities within our society such as housing, red tape, health care or education. By only extracting and presenting the audio, I am enabling the viewer to truly listen to what is being presented and how these commercials can act as signs/signifiers of one’s value to the audience at home.”
Opening: Saturday, September 13, 2014
5-7 pm

The Arthello Beck Gallery
Gallery Hours T,Th,F 2 8 pm; Wed & Sat 10 am- 4 pm. Free 



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