New Sculpture Installation by George Tobolowsky March 27 plus iLume Gallerie Exhibit Reception March 28

Targeting George Tobolowsky_ilume Park

Dallas developer Luke Crosland of The Crosland Group is bringing a new major sculptural body of work created by George Tobolowsky to the Cedar Springs/Oak Lawn community this March.

“Targeting” is made from reclaimed steel, found objects and paint.  The lower portion of the sculpture is a steel missile casing and upper circular portion is a steel rondelle painted the ilume Park’s signature purple. It has cobalt painted steel uniting the top and bottom of the piece. The sculpture is 112in. high x 54in.w x 42in. diameter and weighs 2,000 lbs. This custom piece will be installed in the front of ilume Park, which will be visible from the building and Douglas for the community to enjoy. “Our management philosophy for ilume® and ilume Park includes community involvement and promoting social interaction among people,” says Luke Crosland,  ‘We have always believed that art is an integral and essential part of that social interaction.  That’s why we have supported the ilume Gallerie and public art for many years in our community.  The addition of ‘Targeting’ by George Tobolowsky, at ilume Park is just the most recent chapter in that story.”

The dedication of “Targeting” as a piece of public art will take place on Friday, March 27th at 6:30pm at ilume Park, 3109 Douglas Ave, Dallas, TX 75219 with George Tobolowsky in attendance.
 Art lovers and community members are welcome to attend.

George Tobolowsky is an accomplished artist who primarily uses “found objects” to create his art pieces. These found objects however, are not of the everyday sort, but rather bulky industrial metal castoffs that he scours scrap yards and fabrication plants to find. He rarely alters these metal pieces but instead works to fit the individual scraps together – much like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle – into balanced compositions. Although each component of parts are recognizable to the viewer as a previous use in past life, Tobolowsky skillfully marries them in homage to a new assemblage, often with delight, subtle nuances and original markings and colors.  Titles are typically added upon completion and offer a suggestion for interpretation but mindfully allow room for various readings within each piece.  Tobolowsky’s works represent a logical extension of the welded steel sculpture tradition that can be traced from Julio Gonzalez to David Smith. .

G TOBOLOWSKYilume Gallerie will host a showing of two larger George Tobolowsky signature pieces in front of ilume® at the entrance and exit for sale with additional smaller sculptures inside the gallery on Saturday, March 28, from 7pm-10pm with George Tobolowsky in attendance. The show is free and open to public and will feature cocktails and complimentary valet. The show will run from March 28-April 25, 2015 and benefit AIDS Arms Dallas, Inc.,, AIDS Interfaith Network, and Resource Center, Donations for the organizations are also welcome. Representatives from the three organizations will be in attendance.

Press Release George Tobolowsky  ilume GALLERIE March 2015

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