MILES CLEVELAND GOODWIN: The Maze opens at Valley House


Valley House Gallery is pleased to present our second exhibition of paintings and sculpture by Mississippi artist Miles Cleveland Goodwin, along with the publication of a catalogue illustrating his recent work.

Join us this Saturday, January 14, 6:00pm-8:00pm, for the opening of “The Maze” at Valley House Gallery.

Collectors Catherine Such and Douglas Walker write:

“Miles Cleveland Goodwin looks at an America that is both long past and just within reach of the future. He crafts a unique landscape portrayed through a lens of archetype and myth and peopled with characters familiar or fantastic yet always resonant. Not quite dystopian, but fundamentally introspective and haunting, the work is meticulously crafted with layers both of material and allusion into a narrative that simultaneously draws the viewer into what might be happening but maintains a deep reserve.”

“Nothing is quite straightforward and narratives are never definitively resolved in Goodwin’s work. Viewers are compelled to speculate about a greater story that lingers tantalizingly just out of reach. Longing, mythos, a gothic formality, and many recognizable but dreamlike elements provide an entry into an ultimately interior experience of his work. The subconscious experience of his art is deeply intimate.”

“This rests on a bedrock of rare skill and ability, coupled with a distinctly southern artistic sensitivity. Goodwin expands his psychological themes with color – particularly white and crimson – and the depth of surface, texture, brushwork and manipulation of paint and material. Imagery arises through a complex and ever-evolving process of interaction between artist and materials.”

“The result? An old master painting rescued from a corner of the attic. A scene played out in a landscape emerging from our shared anxiety for the future. Or a prophetic vision transfigured in pigment and feathers and branches.”

“Deeply American, in its isolated landscapes and beautiful anxieties, the work of Miles Cleveland Goodwin endures.”

Miles Cleveland Goodwin was born in Biloxi, Mississippi, in 1980, and raised in the South. He earned his BFA at Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, Oregon, and later returned to Mississippi. Valley House Gallery presented his first exhibition in Texas “Where We Prayed” in 2015.

“The Maze” will be on view through February 11. View the exhibition at

Valley House Gallery
6616 Spring Valley Road, Dallas, Texas 75254
Hours: 10:00am-5:00pm, Monday-Saturday

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