Mighty Fine Arts presents “Trans Dimensional Acquisitions” featuring new work by Matt Bagley.


“Trans Dimensional Acquisitions” featuring new work by Matt Bagley.  Opens Sat. Nov.5 with a reception for the artist from 6-9pm and will run till Sun. Dec.11.

Mighty Fine Arts is located at 409A N,Tyler in Historic North Oak Cliff 75208.

Matt Bagley’s imaginative reveries find their underpinnings in the humid backwaters of South Louisiana. Matt is a bonafied swamp child who evolved from the primordial muck and mire to emerge as an artist and master printmaker, as well as a pan-dimensional archeologist, skateboard activist theologist and homespun philosopher. He has somehow managed to channel his multiple interests into coinciding narratives that inform his artistic practice. His storytelling is exemplified in the tales that he relates in his show: “The Feminist Fairytale” A band of women in the very distant past form an army with the animals to defeat a corrupt and paranoid queen, “Breussard the Alligator” the fun loving fashion hip alligator who returns from NYC to the swampland to make woodcuts prints and invent the “PRINT FROG”, “Space Bug Robot Wars” A cyborg conflict that morphs spacebug and robot traditions to create a new hybrid culture. Despite the far fetched threads Matt manages to ground his work in a commonality and empathy beyond his own personal concerns. Perhaps there’s a bit of the swamp in everyone that yearns for the acquisition of a trans-dimensional consciousness. Heavy assumptions indeed, that will be addressed and perhaps answered by coming out to Matt’s show!

Submitted by Sharon Neel-Bagley. Email: sn_bagley@sbcglobal.net

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