midtown ARTwalk Jan. 17

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Experience the “Magic” that is Midtown ARTwalk!

FREE Admission, Entertainment, and Spirits!
Open Artist Studios and Galleries
Saturday, January 17, 2015
6-10 pm

Charity of the Month: “BIG THOUGHT”


Our Mission: To make imagination a part of everyday learning.

Our Vision: We envision communities where every learner is immersed every day in opportunities to imagine, create and succeed.

Curiosity. Collaboration. Problem-solving. Resilience. In the 21st century, kids need these skills more than ever, and Big Thought can develop them.

At Big Thought, our approach to innovative learning combines core academics with community resources to help develop the capacities our young people need to thrive.


36 Art Galleries Under One Roof!

Midtown Aerial Yoga by Tiffany Diamond

“Circus Freaks”, a plucky band of versatile variety vaudevillians who mix improvisational theater, musical mayhem and big top talent for your circus entertainment.

If you have not been to ARTwalk take a sneak peak here:
Video by Sonny Jefferson:

MidTown ARTwalk promotes local visual art and artists in a wide range of mediums and artistic style, including painting, sculpture, metal art, handmade jewelry, fiber art, photography, pottery, and glass works.

GMT & Artist Studios:

Gallery At Midtown

Midtown Artist Studios:
James Rizzi
Chuck Eiseman
Sonji Ramsey
Sonny Jefferson
Terry Mueller
Ed Hall
Dave Cudlipp
Robert Orsowski
Pamela Rabin

Teta Smith Studio
Paint My Pottery
Cleo’s Creations
SkyPony Studio
Kul Ame
Studio Nunez

Studio C:
Christi Meril
Janet Taylor
Andrea Vasgaard
Allan Wood

Gallery E
Bad Margo Art
Leroy Roper Gallery/Studio
Therapeutic Arts
Bella Elements
Carolyn Collins
Strictly Earnest Gallery/Studio
Troik Studio
Dragonfly Studio Creations
SKS Gallery
My Foot Steps
Brandi Cooper Studio
Pop 54 Gallery
Kevin Page Fine Art
The Small Gallery
Kidz ART

Studio 8:
Du Chau
Donna Head
Jennifer DeLaughter
Riki Greenspan
Duke Horn
Lauren Luong
Lise Dearborn
Marina Shterenberg

Liz London Studio
Art Inspiration/Paint At Midtown
James Bland Photography
ARTAFACT Gallery – Jarod Alexander Davies

Studio D:
David Moskos
Cam Nyguen
Allen Gibson

MidTown ARTwalk is a fine art event that takes place the 3rd Saturday of each month at the Gallery At Midtown & Artist Studios, located inside Valley View Center, Dallas, Texas.

Gallery At Midtown & Artist Studios
Valley View Center
13331 Preston Road
Dallas, Texas 75240

Web: www.GalleryAtMidtown.com
Phone: (469)374-0491
Email: director@galleryatmidtown.com

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