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“Meet the Fun Time Wranglers!” May 3


“Meet the Fun Time Wranglers!” Art Installation at the Mighty Fine Arts Gallery May 3rd, 2014

North Texas Artist, Robert Hamilton, creates a “band” / art installation that will eventually make its own music. “Meet the Fun Time Wranglers!”

The Fun Time Wranglers are the culmination of a multi-month long build up of paper, glue, paint and the idea to actually “create a musical band.” I’ve started bands, joined bands and left bands but I’ve never “made” a band. So this installation and eventual performance art experiment is a look into the process of art creation, the process of evolving style and the process of making music.

ftwfinal17 FTW2014mfaopenposter

At the start, my intent is to give the viewer the experience of joining a live performance, but the performance is actually just the display of the Fun Time Wranglers. The actual performance or “playing” part will take place at a future date when the band comes to life and performs music. I like to think of myself as the Schneider and Rafelson team that created “The Monkees.” The two film makers manufactured a group of boys that eventually took on a different role from one of posing as a band, to that of a real band. That musical event has always fascinated me and is the genesis for this project.

I purposely chose country music from the 50’s and 60’s to listen to during the production of these pieces; I thought that’s the type of music this band would make. So in the beginning, I planned for the figures to mimic Porter Wagoner and his elaborate, Nudie Suit, pompadoured appearances. However, as the work progressed, I found myself wanting to emphasize their “sculptural” form by painting them a single color… red. The candy-coated look of all red turned the forms from Porter Wagoner’s super white flash to a dark sinister, carnival tone. This is enhanced with their exposed skulls, half smiles and matching red instruments. Again, this was not really the game plan, but the forms seemed to take on shapes and appearances of their own!

Even their eyes, once painted and put into place, unconsciously took on this appearance of a robotic, “we are in control” attitude. Think of the robot animatronic characters of the late 1980’s “Chuck E. Cheese Pizza Time Theaters.” As a young teenage employee there, that restaurant interior would be seared into my unconscious thoughts for years, in a good, creepy way!
Again, in keeping with “The Monkees,” the FTW band started with a very clear visual concept but the resulting figures are anything but what I had in mind. This will probably be true for the music the band will produce. I keep thinking early country but as the band has shown, “we are in control.”

…and so, the music performance is the next step! Stay tuned.

Mighty Fine Arts Gallery presents the art of Robert Hamilton, “Meet the Fun Time Wranglers!” May 3, 2014 – June 15, 2014, artist reception Sat. May 3, 2014, 6-9pm

The gallery is located at 409A N.Tyler between 8th and Davis St.

Gallery hours are 12:00 to 5:00 Saturday and Sunday or by appointment:
phone 214-942-5241.

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