Sculptors Margaret Drake and Stacey Watkins at Your Private Collection in Granbury on July 30

Your Private Collection--Drake-Watkins

Your Private Collection Art Gallery is proud to present sculptors Margaret Drake and Stacey Watkins as their featured artists at Granbury’s Last Saturday Gallery Night on July 30, 2016

Margaret Drake
, bronze sculptor and Western Artist, lives on a ranch near Glen Rose, Texas.  Studying under renowned artists, Margaret focuses on portraiture and figurative art.  Her Native Americans and horses have been accepted into juried competitions including the Bosque Art Classic, Mountain Oyster, Estes Park, Breckenridge Fine Art Show, Little Rock’s “Sculpture at the Rivermarket” and the Loveland “Sculpture in the Park” Show.  Working with both water- and oil-based clays, Drake loves the “..wonder when that lifeless lump of clay comes alive.” She closely supervises the creation of her bronze pieces at the foundry. “I will always want to challenge myself by creating pieces that express movement and power,” said Drake, “ tug at the emotions of my audience.
There is beauty and symmetry everywhere out there, waiting to be captured and celebrated.”

Stacey Watkins, phosphorescent sculptor, has found her passion and her voice through her art and her own spiritual journey.  Her art, like life, is full of a variety, color, and science.  She set no boundaries when it comes to the use of mediums ranging from glass, metal, paint, and resin.  Watkins combines these mediums with resin impregnated with blends of phosphorescent pigment, unique because it absorbs UV light to glow in the dark with bright contrasting vibrant colors.  Her artwork is true expression of continuing life in its ability to change visually and create dialogue with the viewer.  “I want people to be able to look at my art and see something that may strike a spark in their imagination and give them a feeling of the Lord’s presence,” said Watkins. She is the owner of Your Private Collection Art Gallery and has been honored in many national and international competitions and shows.

Your Private Collection reminds you that someone can show you the technical aspects of artwork, but a relationship with art is developed by spending time viewing art and meeting artists and adds a new love in your life.

Your Private Collection Art Gallery
106 N. Houston
Granbury, TX 76048

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