LuminArte Presents: Dreams and Divinities March 21 – May 2

To Embrace_Zeljko Djurovic

LuminArte is honored to host the finale of the travelling international exhibition, “Dreams and Divinities Equinox,” which opens on March 21st, 2015 in celebration of the Spring Equinox. The principal visual styles showcased in the project include Visionary Art, Surrealism and Fantastic Realism, and are inspired by cultural and spiritual references, Sacred Geometry, elements of nature, explorations into the subconscious mind, visions, dreams and fantasy. Participating artists hail from around the world and include Liba Waring Stambollion, Peter Gric, Andrew Gonzalez, Joe MacGown, Martina Hoffmann, Emma Watkinson, Otto Rapp, Adam Scott Miller, Cody Seekins, Patrick McGrath Muniz, Sandra Yagi, Bruce Rimell, Raul Casillas, Miguel Tio, David Heskin and Aloria Weaver, Chris Dyer, Erich Moffit, Hector Pineda, Carrie Ann Baade, Zeljko Djurovic, Roku Sasaki, Marcus McAllister, Elisabeth Slettnes, Android Jones, Gabriela Garza Padilla, Martin Stensaas and Sunny Strasburg. The opening reception begins at 7:00PM on Saturday with artists in attendance; and both the reception and exhibition are free and open to the public.

The project Dreams and Divinities was conceived by Paris Based artist, Liba Waring Stambollion; and through a series of books, exhibits and events, Dreams & Divinities has offered the public a window into an emerging planetary movement of ‘Conscious Art.’ The project unites a culturally eclectic group of artists, writers, musicians and performers, each with their unique perspective on this experience of existence, yet all remain united through artistic collaboration and community dialogue. The quest and expression of Universal Love is a central unifying theme, which offers an opportunity for artists with resonant dreams to find each other, to be inspired by each other and to unfold the potentiality of a global movement.

The Dallas Dreams & Divinities Equinox Show is the finale of a three year odyssey starting in Toledo Spain on the spring Equinox of 2013. The show travelled through Spain and the European début ended on the Fall Equinox in Paris, France. The following year, on the Spring Equinox, the city of San Cristobal de las Casas hosted the suite in one of their museums and it later travelled to Monterrey for the Mexico finale at Amon-Ra Gallery. For the North American finale at Luminarte, some of the favorite pieces from Toledo and Mexico have been mixed with new work to give a sense of both continuity and freshness.

To Embrace_Zeljko Djurovic

About LuminArte Gallery

LuminArte Gallery, conveniently located in the Dallas Design District, showcases contemporary award-winning artists, as well as bright emerging talent. Representing over forty artists from more than a dozen countries, LuminArte continues to embrace the local art community by hosting an artist in residence program, and by providing workshops and continuing education opportunities.

LuminArte Gallery is located at 1727 E. Levee Street, Dallas, Texas 75207. Hours are Tuesday through Friday, 11am – 6pm; and from noon to 6pm on Saturday. For more information, call 214.914.4503 or visit and follow on Facebook.


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