Local Art Reviews & Videos Feb. 19


Art News DFW’s weekly guide series to promote the local artists, galleries and art organizations in North Texas. We provide a round-up of locally published art reviews, art stories and videos. Please email artnewsdfw@gmail.com if you wish to contribute a link, write a review or help with our round-up.


Fort Worth art gallery presents chance of a lifetime for Salvador Dali fans By Kendall Morgan 2.17.16 http://dallas.culturemap.com/news/arts/02-17-16-salvador-dali-argillet-collection-milan-gallery-fort-worth/#slide=0

Dallas anoints sculptor Brad Oldham with first-of-its-kind title (las CVB Artist of the Year) By Teresa Gubbins 2.16.16 http://dallas.culturemap.com/news/arts/02-16-16-brad-oldham-artist-of-the-year-skaterbird-convention-visitors-bureau/#slide=0

Art Notes: O’Keefe arrives at Valley House, while Cluley dreams of Cuba by Michael Granberry February 18, 2016 http://artsblog.dallasnews.com/2016/02/art-notes-okeefe-arrives-at-valley-house-while-cluley-dreams-of-cuba.html/

NEW VIDEO ART SCREENING SERIES,SPECTACLE SOCIETY, LAUNCHES THIS WEEKEND BY JEREMY HALLOCKFRIDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 2016 http://www.dallasobserver.com/arts/new-video-art-screening-series-spectacle-society-launches-this-weekend-8045539

J.M. RIZZI MAKES ART LARGER THAN LIFE BY JEREMY HALLOCKTUESDAY, FEBRUARY 16, 2016 http://www.dallasobserver.com/arts/jm-rizzi-makes-art-larger-than-life-8034110

5 Art Events for Your Weekend BY PETER SIMEK FEB 18, 2016 http://frontrow.dmagazine.com/2016/02/5-art-events-for-your-weekend-19/

Top Five February 18, 2016 http://glasstire.com/2016/02/18/top-five-february-18-2016/

Thomas Hart Benton vs. The Dream Factory 14 Feb 2016 by Peter Lucas http://glasstire.com/2016/02/14/benton-vs-dream-factory/

Thin Line Fest 2016: A Guide by Alex Smith 17 Feb 2016 http://artandseek.org/2016/02/17/thin-line-2016/

Musician And Printmaker Nevada Hill Has Died by Alex Smith 19 Feb 2016 http://artandseek.org/2016/02/19/musician-and-printmaker-nevada-hill-has-died/

Dallas CVB Artist Of The Year: Brad Oldham by Alex Smith 17 Feb 2016 http://artandseek.org/2016/02/17/dallas-cvb-artist-of-the-year-brad-oldham/

A Look Ahead At The Week’s Art&Seek Picks by Shelley Kenneavy 17 Feb 2016 http://artandseek.org/2016/02/17/a-look-ahead-at-the-weeks-artseek-picks-12/

Art&Seek Jr: Art Events To Inspire Your Pint-Sized Picasso by Therese Powell 16 Feb 2016 http://artandseek.org/2016/02/16/artseek-jr-get-crafty-with-these-family-friendly-events/

JACKSON POLLOCK by Todd Camplin http://www.moderndallas.net/todd_camplin_weekly.html#.VseXfsArJsw


ArtSmarter Prize: Frank Talks with Annette Lawrence https://youtu.be/ZZ4ww-LPqc4

360 Speaker Series with Annette Lawrence at the Nasher Sculpture Center https://youtu.be/ZFlY7h21n-Y

William Udell at the Museum of Human Achievement, Austin https://youtu.be/0-16AxchYGs

Art This Week-At the Dallas Museum of Art-Jackson Pollock: Blind Spots-Gaving Delahunty Interview https://youtu.be/OyoZEUiedDA

Top Five: Feb. 18, 2016 Glasstire https://youtu.be/d7yyWLLaLIE

Public Art at the University of Houston – Glasstire https://youtu.be/NfJ-jQvT8B8

360 Speaker Series with Richard Wentworth at the Nasher Sculpture Center https://youtu.be/guSHEMen8tE

360 Speaker Series with Ann Veronica Janssens at the Nasher Sculpture Center https://youtu.be/Ss5dUNmFx1g

Frank Talks To Sally Glass, Part II – Glasstire https://youtu.be/ZceVrbbJVQ4

Frank Talks with Sally Glass, Part I – Glasstire https://youtu.be/tcrhyHVLdi0

moderndallas.tv 39 (Talley Dunn Gallery And View Joseph Havel + Sara Williams Show) https://youtu.be/NC0P3-C_jKs


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