Local Art Reviews / News & Videos Sept. 9, 2016


Art News DFW’s guide series to promote the local artists, galleries and art organizations in North Texas. We provide a round-up of locally published art reviews, art stories and videos. Please email artnewsdfw@gmail.com if you wish to contribute a link, write a review or help with our round-up.

Color Fields: Gabriel Dawe Branches Out At Amon Carter by LAUREN SMART AUGUST 23, 2016 http://artsandculturetx.com/color-fields-gabriel-dawe-branches-out-at-amon-carter/

UTD Study Paints Picture of Taggers’ Motivations BY LANCE MURRAY • SEP 9, 2016 http://www.dallasinnovates.com/utd-study-paints-picture-of-taggers-motivations/

How Funimation Made DFW an Anime Production Hub BY ERIC DAVID • SEP 9, 2016 http://www.dallasinnovates.com/how-funimation-made-dfw-an-anime-production-hub/

Festival Will Feature Arlington Filmmakers (Frame4Frame Festival) BY RACHEL HAWKINS • SEP 9, 2016 http://www.dallasinnovates.com/festival-will-feature-arlington-filmmakers/

Local Artists Are Turning to Virtual Reality Technology to Take Their Work to the Next Level TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 2016 A BY ALAENA HOSTETTER


PR Maven Amber LaFrance Is Making a Name for Dallas Artists BY LEE ESCOBEDO   Sept. 6, 2016 http://www.dallasobserver.com/arts/pr-maven-amber-lafrance-is-making-a-name-for-dallas-artists-8667092

A Descendant of Esther LaBarre Speaks on Her 1920 Film Recovered From a Dallas Fire BY KAREN GAVIS SEPTEMBER 2, 2016 http://www.dallasobserver.com/arts/a-descendant-of-esther-labarre-speaks-on-her-1920-film-recovered-from-a-dallas-fire-8663584

Meet the Artist Couple Behind Creative Powerhouse Exploredinary (Driensky and Reyes) BY EVA RAGGIO August 30, 2016 http://www.dallasobserver.com/arts/meet-the-artist-couple-behind-creative-powerhouse-exploredinary-8650797

Artists Remember Flea Harvey’s Founder Milton Morris, Who Died Unexpectedly Last Week BY LEE ESCOBEDO MONDAY, AUGUST 29, 2016 http://www.dallasobserver.com/arts/artists-remember-flea-harveys-founder-milton-morris-who-died-unexpectedly-last-week-8638537

Daylight’s End, a Zombie Movie Shot in Dallas, Is Playing in Theaters Across the Country BY ERIC GRUBBS FRIDAY, AUGUST 26, 2016 http://www.dallasobserver.com/arts/daylights-end-a-zombie-movie-shot-in-dallas-is-playing-in-theaters-across-the-country-8636661

What’s so special about this Monet at the Dallas Museum of Art? Let Ross King tell you By David Walton Sept. 9, 2016 http://www.dallasnews.com/lifestyles/books/20160909-what-s-so-special-about-this-monet-at-the-dallas-museum-of-art-let-ross-king-tell-you.ece

Ross King’s ‘Mad Enchantment: Claude Monet and the Painting of the Water Lilies’ describes the battles behind the beauty By David Walton Sept. 9, 2016 http://www.dallasnews.com/lifestyles/books/20160909-ross-kings-mad-enchantment-claude-monet-and-the-painting-of-the-water-lilies-describes-the-battles-behind-the-beauty.ece

Photographs from News’ coverage of Dallas police ambush featured in downtown exhibit By Michael Granberry 07 September 2016 http://www.dallasnews.com/lifestyles/arts/headlines/20160907-photographs-from-news-coverage-of-dallas-police-ambush-featured-in-downtown-exhibit.ece

Irving Arts Center to present contemporary Islamic art exhibit By Deborah Fleck 05 September 2016 http://www.dallasnews.com/news/local-news/20160905-irving-arts-center-to-present-contemporary-islamic-art-exhibit.ece

From barbecue to ‘Levelland,’ Dallas gallery shows revel in stories about Texas By Michael Granberry 01 September 2016 http://www.dallasnews.com/lifestyles/arts/headlines/20160901-from-barbecue-to-levelland-dallas-gallery-shows-revel-in-stories-about-texas.ece

Simple ways to carve out space for creativity in your home By Jamie Knodel 26 August 2016 http://www.dallasnews.com/lifestyles/home-and-gardening/headlines/20160826-simple-ways-to-carve-out-space-for-creativity-in-your-home.ece

Dallas’ powerful arts boards grapple with change, diversity now that the ‘blank check’ days are over By Michael Granberry 26 August 2016 http://www.dallasnews.com/lifestyles/arts/headlines/20160826-dallas-powerful-arts-boards-grapple-with-change-diversity-now-that-the-blank-check-days-are-over.ece

In Santa Fe, a biennial takes an anti-high-art tone By Scott Cantrell 28 August 2016 http://www.dallasnews.com/lifestyles/arts/headlines/20160828-in-santa-fe-a-biennial-takes-an-anti-high-art-tone.ece

Black is the new black in Dallas art By Rick Brettell 26 August 2016 http://www.dallasnews.com/lifestyles/arts/headlines/20160826-black-is-the-new-black-in-dallas-art.ece

4 Things You Should Know About the DMA’s New Sculpture (Walter De Maria) BY LEE BOARDMAN D Magazine Sept. 2016 http://www.dmagazine.com/publications/d-magazine/2016/september/4-things-you-should-know-about-the-dmas-new-sculpture/

Not A Hobby: Solomon Kane (new podcast series) http://glasstire.com/2016/09/10/not-a-hobby-solomon-kane/

Top Five: September 8, 2016 08 Sep 2016/Glasstire http://glasstire.com/2016/09/08/top-five-september-8-2016/

Why We (Still) Love Frank Frazetta 04 Sep 2016/Christina Rees http://glasstire.com/2016/09/04/why-we-still-love-frank-frazetta/

Top Five Fall Preview: September 1, 2016 01 Sep 2016/Glasstire http://glasstire.com/2016/09/01/top-five-fall-preview-september-1-2016/

Bobby: The Best Show Ever! (parody of art show press releases) 31 Aug 2016/Brandon Zech http://glasstire.com/2016/08/31/bobby-the-best-show-ever/

The Modern Announces Fall Lecture Series 11 Sep 2016/Glasstire http://glasstire.com/2016/09/11/the-modern-announces-fall-lecture-series-2/

Art Censorship at Arlington Museum of Art (Yes, It’s Trump) 08 Sep 2016/Glasstire http://glasstire.com/2016/09/08/art-censorship-at-arlington-museum-of-art-yes-its-trump/

Open Call: Nominations for the 2017-2018 Texas State Artist03 Sep 2016/Glasstire http://glasstire.com/2016/09/03/open-call-nominations-for-the-2017-2018-texas-state-artist/

A Topaz the Size of a Football Lands in a Dallas Museum 31 Aug 2016/Glasstire http://glasstire.com/2016/08/31/a-topaz-the-size-of-a-football-lands-in-a-dallas-museum/

A Mural of Lee Harvey Oswald Is Up in Dallas26 Aug 2016/Glasstire http://glasstire.com/2016/08/26/a-mural-of-lee-harvey-oswald-is-up-in-dallas/

Review: Kathryn Andrews’ ‘Run For President’ At The Nasher by Jerome Weeks 10 Sep 2016 http://artandseek.org/2016/09/10/review-kathryn-andrews-run-for-president-at-the-nasher/

Frame of Mind Brings Texas Indie Film To KERA TV by Anne Bothwell 2 Sep 2016 http://artandseek.org/2016/09/02/frame-of-mind-brings-texas-indie-film-to-kera-tv/

Saturday Spotlight: Fall Gallery Night (Fort Worth) by Shelley Kenneavy 9 Sep 2016 http://artandseek.org/big_deal_giveaways/saturday-spotlight-fall-gallery-night/

Painting Walls, Not Building Them: Carlos Donjuan moved from graffiti art to murals to gallery paintings to making masks by Jerome Weeks 8 Sep 2016 http://artandseek.org/spotlight/carlos-donjuan/

Jack Of All Trades: Actor, designer, director, puppeteer, composer: If Justin Locklear can’t do it onstage, he’ll fake it. And you’ll believe him.

by Jerome Weeks 25 Aug 2016 http://artandseek.org/spotlight/justin-locklear/

New Experimental Film Series Starts Sunday At The Nasher by Jeremiah Jensen 9 Sep 2016 http://artandseek.org/2016/09/09/new-experimental-film-series-starts-sunday-at-the-nasher/

A Look Ahead At The Week’s Art&Seek Picks by Shelley Kenneavy 7 Sep 2016 http://artandseek.org/2016/09/07/a-look-ahead-at-the-weeks-artseek-picks-41/

Artists Rally Against Bailout For AT&T Performing Arts Center by Hady Mawajdeh 5 Sep 2016 http://artandseek.org/2016/09/05/artists-rally-against-bailout-for-att-performing-arts-center/

How Instagram Is Changing The Art Market by Hady Mawajdeh 31 Aug 2016 http://artandseek.org/2016/08/31/how-instagram-is-changing-the-art-market/

Highlights Of North Texas Arts Events This Fall by Jerome Weeks 31 Aug 2016 http://artandseek.org/2016/08/31/highlights-of-north-texas-arts-events-this-fall/

ART OPENINGS ALL OVER TOWN by Todd Camplin http://www.moderndallas.net/todd_camplin_weekly.html#.V9XVIsArJX0

Texas’ Painter of the Century? A Remarkable Woman Artist Finally Gets Her Rightful Respect (Dorothy Hood) BY CATHERINE D. ANSPON 09.11.16 http://www.papercitymag.com/arts/texas-painter-century-dorothy-hood-remarkable-woman-artist

Dallas’ Asian Art Wonders Move to Mexico: Connecting the World Through Awe-Inspiring Cermaics BY CHRISTINA GEYER 09.02.16 http://www.papercitymag.com/arts/dallas-crow-collection-asian-art-wonders-move-mexico/

California’s Most Important Painter Gets a Major Texas Moment (Laura Owens) BY CHRISTINA GEYER 08.31.16 http://www.papercitymag.com/arts/california-most-important-painter-laura-owens-two-by-two-aids/

New exhibit at Amon Carter hangs by colorful threads (Gsabriel Dawe) SEPTEMBER 9, 2016 BY GAILE ROBINSON

What’s on DFW stages and in museums this fall COMPILED BY MARK LOWRY, GAILE ROBINSON AND PUNCH SHAW August 26, 2016 http://www.star-telegram.com/entertainment/arts-culture/article98215072.html


Ángel Exterminador by Guillermo Galindo (Amon Carter) https://youtu.be/ZFm8gBAif0o

Sedrick Huckaby, Identity, Community, and the 99% (Amon Carter) https://youtu.be/JBiLofstCYM

Artist Spotlight – Carlos Donjuan – Visual Artist https://youtu.be/iP-QgYq-02w

Artist Spotlight – Justin Locklear – Theater Artist https://youtu.be/zrCmdznHcYg

Art This Week-At Fort Worth Contemporary Arts-ROGUE OBJECTS https://youtu.be/0iYl-nPNq5E

Art This Week-At the Blanton Museum of Art-Goya: Mad Reason https://youtu.be/gImA6uPLnWU

Meet Our Director – Agustín Arteaga (DMA) https://youtu.be/bWaVGJksSdk

A Conversation With Dave Hickey (Glasstire) https://youtu.be/RD3X-kV9tCo

Top 5: Sept 8, 2016 https://youtu.be/vF0HIAgbp40

Top 5: Fall Preview, 2016! https://youtu.be/KZmpLGU-VP0

Renaissance Masters in the Abello Collection https://youtu.be/JOupewyoxHE

Meadows Museum Celebrating 50 Years Panel https://youtu.be/YupqGQE_dWI

Modern Masters from the Abello Collection, Part 2 https://youtu.be/JEj30EhpI8c

Modern Masters from the Abello Collection, Part 1 https://youtu.be/4pBwRNPf_r0

John Rohrbach: Carlotta Corpron: Stretching Reality https://youtu.be/Y05QEtGlHIM

NTX Giving Day – Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth https://youtu.be/BpSh2ktIV-o

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