Leticia Sedberry & Nick Franco open at the GeniusDen April 23



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3106 Commerce St, Dallas, Texas 75226

Leticia Sedberry  is veteran entrepreneur, she owns and operates three businesses and lives in Colleyville where she paints almost daily in her private studio. Leticia ‘s style is heavily influenced by the American Abstract Expressionist painters of the mid-20th century, her inspiration to paint always begins with words. Language being her life-long first love, Leticia is an ideasthesia painter…simply put, she “sees” paintings when she hears words. Music lyrics, poetry, and random conversations find their way onto her canvasses. It is important to know that with all of her paintings, the title always comes before the painting and is inextricably tied to the work. It is Leticia’s hope that each one of her paintings represents a personal and special conversation with the viewer, regardless of her original intention. At the end of the day, it’s the conversation that is key since it’s words that started the whole thing in the first place.

Nick Franco is displaying 2 collections of artwork for this event. He is a professional artist and educator new to the Dallas area. Nick’s work is abstract with a focus in oil, acrylic, and watercolor. He is currently working on two series: the Thread Paintings and a digital/acrylic hybrid- titled inskin. The Thread Paintings juxtapose the graphic elements of design with the painterly brushwork of Abstract Expressionism. Bold lines penetrate the surface of the paintings and twist into abstract forms, or threads. The inskin series is a digital/acrylic hybrid inspired by the field of dermatology. Microscopic images of tissue are altered digitally and printed to canvas. Applying layers of acrylic paint to distort and manipulate the repurposed images, Nick alters the print by adding and subtracting forms, but always with the goal of establishing a balance between exploration and collaboration.


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