Leap Frogs in North Lakes Park – Denton Texas


Four bronze frogs completed by Karmien Bowman, TWU graduate, in Denton’s; now installed in North Lakes Park in Denton.

  My passion is to share the meaning and sometimes joy and beauty which I have discovered through the process of creating. The material of a sculpture can   express  and reveal meaning . 

LeapFrogs are an embodiment of childhood  joy of playing with my two sisters in Clarendon Creek until almost dark and bringing home tadpoles in a mayonnaise jar.

  These ToadFrogs are not a particular species, but two creatures combined from childhood fantasy. These are ones that came out of a hole and had lots of bumps, that melded with the ones that stayed mostly in the water and had strange webby feet and big tight tympanums. Their shiny eyes peered from under Daylilies, or croaked an illusion of music for twilight tea parties with lightening bugs, after coming home from the creek to play hide-and-go-seek or Leapfrog .

       One ToadFrog came hopping on to my pink pinafore from a shoebox as a birthday surprise from two boys all giddy to see how I would jump and spill my  ice cream at the picnic.  Frogs could be scary.  But we three girls played LeapFrog endlessly on summer evenings under great Cottonwood trees with recited rhymes.  I would like to share these carefree memories through my sculpture, LeapFrogs.

During construction,  a little curly headed boy came running headless of his mom’s calling him back, to the playground. He bent to whisper in the Green Frog’s ear. She was still calling him ! Then he stood up and began telling a story while using his index finger to touch each wart- before I could get my camera out !  he ran to his mom’s call.

Maybe “LeapFrogs”  will reignite appreciation though play, and a sense of relative kindred spirit with nature, laughing and running among the gentle mysteries of the North Lakes Park.  



Submitted by KArmien Bowman. Email: karmien@Gmail.com

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