Lauren Cross: Everyday Use opens March 21 at SDCC


“EVERYDAY USE”: an exhibition by Lauren Cross

In “Everyday Use“, interdisciplinary artist Lauren Cross explores everyday objects and memories as artistic contributions to African American history and culture. Using photographic images and installations, including found family photographs, found papers and objects, sound, and digitally manipulated fibers and tapestries, Cross speaks to the history of “making” within the African American community. Through her own family images and memories, Cross creates installations that speak to the ways in which everyday objects such as frames, fabric, sewing machines, and brown paper bags signify alternative, subversive meanings within African American history and culture. Cross draws inspiration from Alice Walker’s writings “Everyday Use” and “In Search of Our Mother’s Gardens” to revisit the everyday creative practices of African American women and families as not only an art form but as documentation of the influence of makers within African American history. The show opens Saturday, March 21 at 5 pm and runs through April 25, 2015.
Join us as we celebrate the Black Woman at South Dallas Cultural Center.
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