Kate Firth: An Artist Highlight


Working in a traditional hand made manor, contemporary sculptor Kate Firth pairs her modern architectural style with skills and technique practiced by some of the finest steel sculptors in human history. Careful engineering births three-dimensional steel sculptures that transcend gallery walls and find their home as public works of art.After careful selection and consideration, Firth was selected by El Centro College to create a public work of art to enhance the exterior of the campus. Derived from experimental forms used largely in Firth’s interior works, this significant exterior work simultaneously presents the evolution and deconstruction of Kate’s intricate and organic process.With various public works in process and a solo exhibition opening May 2015 at WAAS Gallery, Kate Firth makes her public debut with her work on the exterior walls of El Centro College. This masterful work will be located on the corner of Main St. and Lamar St. in downtown Dallas, making Firth among the youngest individuals with a public work amidst the hustle and bustle, in the heart of the city.“ Kate Firth and her work exemplify the very essence of innovation, critical thought, and consciousness of self vs. space. The installation of her work at El Centro College , in December 2014 will mark Dallas with a hint of more greatness to come from Kate Firth.”

–Brandy Michele Adams, Owner and Creator of W.A.A.S. Gallery

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