JOHN BORYS + DON PARR opens may 30 // 5-8pm modartistsgallery



opens may 30 // 5-8pm

“Distilled,” “concentrated,” “refined” – whatever words that relate to the process or
the idea of removing all the distractions to celebrate the thing itself are at the
heart of modartists latest exhibition. The work of artists John Borys and Don Parr
will be on display beginning May 30th from 10am – 8pm, with an opening
reception from 5pm – 8pm, in a show that pairs their work together to both
contrast and compliment their unique sensibilities and styles. Please come and
join us to discover and experience this select group of work from the long,
continuing careers of two accomplished artists.

John Borys
, BFA from UNT, trusts his instincts and allows his work to take shape on
the canvas in the form of multiple curving lines and shapes that overlap and
connect with variations of sharp and soft outlines that alternately obscure and
reveal the patterns and pathways they form. Speaking about his own work,
Borys states that “A painting may start out with a well-planned idea or no real
clear direction at all.
In either case, during the ‘process’ of creation, a concept becomes visual and
tangible. Like it or not, the artist’s understanding of art history and the artist’s
awareness of the current avant-garde are also factors. And finally, there is the
painting itself. I am interested in the visual dialogue between all of these. In
the end, artistic judgment and the ability to listen with your eyes to what the
painting is saying, trusting the painting, following its rhythm and working in
tandem with it – all these help the artist and art become one.”Don Parr is an Artist Member of The American Society of Aviation Artists, as well as
the Experimental Aircraft Association and the Aircraft Owners and Pilots
Association. His love of aircraft design and history are a constant inspiration for
him, and he began to create art out of this fascination when he was exposed to
contemporary artists in the  abstract impressionist, minimalist and color field
genres while living in New York in the  1970’s. Parr describes his own work as “‘
rejecting realist traditions in aviation art’ and using abstraction and new
methods to capture the energy and beauty aircraft and flight. Methods include
the abstract rearrangement of actual aircraft parts, or abstract equivalents
using aircraft construction materials and methods.”
modartists gallery
Dallas Design District
2514 Converse Dallas. TX 75207
Wednesday – Saturday 10-5pm  


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