Jay Wilkinson at Fort Works Art

everyone poops
Los Fantasmas Ambulantes

June 28 – July 29, 2017

Artist Jay Wilkinson, deals in the exploration of the human condition and the intrinsic similarities that exist amongst us all. Utilizing portraiture, he deconstructs his works in hopes of revealing the soft and emotional underbelly that exists in the viewer, and not the person represented in his paintings. This is achieved in his use of blocking out sections of the individuals faces creating a tension and allowing the viewer to place themselves into the work. This instantaneous nostalgia in conjunction with his powerful use of negative space through abstraction, is what sets his work apart from other oil painters of his genre.
Fort Works Art is committed to bringing life, vitality and energy to the art scene in Fort Worth, TX. They are a resource for both seasoned collectors and the everyday individual. Existing somewhere between a gallery, a cultural center and a museum, Fort Works Art strives to continually evolve into its own entity, free from the traditional labels of the art world. They exist to support the arts, to give back to the community and to inspire youth.

Fort Works Art 
2100 Montgomery Street
Fort Worth, Texas, 76107
Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Friday 11 am – 5 pm; Saturday 10 am – 6 pm

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