J. Vincent Scarpace Exhibit opens March 5th at the Mesquite Arts Center


Widely regarded as colorful, completely original, and whimsical, the original works of J. Vincent Scarpace, represent, in his own words, “a personal journey through the use of basic of art elements: line, shape, and color – resulting in an arrival, just past experimentation, at unique works of art which purposely resemble fish.” Perhaps best known for his abstract fish art, he’s followed his passion for the creative process, discovering that therein may lay the true reason for his next work of art, and next step in life for him – the pursuit of one’s own creative potential. For more about the artist, see the website http://ipaintfish.com/

Open Monday-Friday 8-5pm  Mesquite Arts Center https://www.cityofmesquite.com/158/Arts-Center


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