Irrational City opens July 3 at the Bath House


Opening Reception: Irrational City
Bath House Cultural Center

The exhibition Irrational City focuses on constructions of identity amid an imagined post-apocalyptic cultural landscape.

The exhibition will include digital art, video, interactivity, installations, performance art, and paintings by Dwayne Carter, Mona Kasra, Randall Garrett, Michael Morris, Colette Copeland, Thor Johnson, Mitch Gellar, Ren Rowland, Patrick Patterson-Carrol, and Jeff Parrot. The show also features French artists Clorinde Durand, Le Gentil Garçon, Dizambourg, and Philippe Astorg.

This exhibition was curated by Dwayne Carter and is presented in conjunction with the Bath House Cultural Center’s 17th annual Festival of Independent Theatres.

Starting in June, some works of art will be on view on the web at http://www.irrational.City

Opening Reception: Friday, July 3 (7-9 PM). Exhibition on display through Aug. 1, 2015

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