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Abstract Musings



My husband often says when viewing modern and contemporary art that, “Anyone can do that.” I’m here to tell you that is most likely not the case. After viewing some of Mark Rothka’s work hubby decided to try his hand at painting. He made a few marks on a blank white canvas (one long red and a few blue) then, after about an hour, decided it was too much for him and called it quits. He hasn’t pickup up a paint brush since, except to paint a room. I did not say, “I told you so”, I promise. Later we had a discussion about some of the technicalities of painting and design, and he now has a better appreciation for art.

Even the seemingly simplest of paintings may be challenging for an artist. It takes a good understanding of the elements of composition and painting techniques to pull off a successful work of art. You may be accustomed to the more traditional paintings of scenery, a vase of flowers, or a portrait because these are recognizable images, yet you can come to appreciate the mental exercise of using the imagination to figure out what the artist intended with an abstract painting. It may be a simple statement about color or a complicated expression of anguish; or maybe, it’s not what it “is” about, but what “it’s not” about. Huh? Needless to say, abstractions can be mind boggling. Here are two of my latest offerings, “Simply O” and “Joy” I hope you enjoy them, no pun intended.



News and Exhibits

“Dragoon” 12-x16-Acrylic was one of the Top 25 accepted by the Artists of Texas – A Show of heart.- The paintings are on display November 2 through December 20, 2015 at the Uptown Downtown Art Gallery in Rockwall, TX. You are invited to attend the Opening Reception and Awards ceremony November 6, 2015.

Some of my other contemporary works are currently on display at the Central Library in downtown Ft. Worth, TX. Paintings of mine along with several other regional and international artists are on display in the Gallery from October 24 to December 6. There will be a reception from 2 – 4 p.m. on Sunday, December 5. I invite you and your friends to attend. Also, several of my works will be on display at the Design Studio in Keller, Town Center, 201 Town Center Lane #1121, Keller, TX. If you’re in the area, please stop by and speak with owner Tammy Hamilton or one of her assistants.

There are still opening in my oil and acrylic painting classes. If you, or someone you know, would like lessons, this is the class for you. My studio is equipped with many extras you will not find in other class settings. I welcome students of all levels (including beginners). Please contact me for additional information.

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