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Galleri Urbane is proud to announce BUREAU of ARTS and CULTURE San Francisco an Affiliate of BUREAU of Arts and Culture MAGAZINE features gallery artist Irby Pace.  Irby’s photographs are being placed in private and corporate collections world wide, Mr Pace is one of the galleries top collected artists, we are honored to represent him.

Dallas, TX, May 1, 2015 – Galleri Urbane Marfa + Dallas is pleased to announce Déjà vu: a collective show with this year’s Dallas Art Fair artists. The exhibition opens on Saturday, May 16 from 6:00 to 8:30 PM and runs through June 20. The show includes artists: Gail Peter Borden, Andrea Marie Breiling, Jessica Drenk, Rachel Hellmann, Dylan Cale Jones, Samantha McCurdy, Irby Pace and Jason Willaford. Viewers will recognize form, color and motion as motifs in the show. Below artists’ précis of what you do not want to miss.


The show comprises of a portion of Borden’s 46 foot 32 piece installation which unquestionably depicts the artist’s architectural influence. Yet, his artwork finds its sole character removed from the conventional concepts of architecture. If Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s Color Theory is used as model to understand Borden’s work, one can say that the impressions of color reaching our brain are molded by three elements: perception, the mechanism of human vision and the way our brains digest data. Irby Pace, a native of Odessa, Texas, is the artist behind the sold-out and beloved photograph Prada. Featured in this month’s Patron magazine, Pace’s multi-colored smoke clouds are set up in gorgeous open landscapes and spaces and placed systematically to highlight negative space. Jessica Drenk’sworks are widely collected and sought after. Drenk’s knowledge and admiration of nature influence her installations and sculptures. Her organic sculpture, Implement 38, made of hundreds of pencils, show her tremendous talent when it comes to craftsmanship and her inspiration from systems of information.Samantha McCurdy’s eye-catching Samantha McCurdy SS15 installation will immerse visitors in a multi-sensory experience. McCurdy originally from Philadelphia, is a local favorite, bringing what was inspired by an accident into a sensual playful artwork with fashion notes. Andrea Marie Breiling’s series of large scaled paintings are decidedly choreographed and composed over time. In Bouncy, viewers can trace through her several layers the deliberately considered steps made during its creation. “Composed of explosive gestures, garish colors, acidic overtones, and gritty surfaces, they are dark and moody like the night, but radiant and charged like the blood orange moon.” The newest works by Jason Willaford,America and Guilt Quilt (edition 3 of 3 still available) explore his most recent ideas on evolution and process; multidimensional objects are transformed into topographic images.

The public is invited to attend an opening reception starting at 6:00 PM on May 16, 2015.

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