Innerscapes: Where Dreams Meet Reality and the Essence of Elan open August 6 at the Bath House


Innerscapes: Where Dreams Meet Reality

jeff hukill and Sigrun Hukill

Artwork by Jeff Hukill and Sigrun Hukill

August 6-27, 2016

Reception with the Artists: Saturday, August 6, 2016 (7-9 PM)

Jeff Hukill and Sigrun Hukill are husband and wife artists living in East Dallas, not far from White Rock Lake. Both artists have been actively involved in the arts for decades.

Jeff Hukill’s awe-inspiring paintings, in his own words, are “visual journeys of sorts from snippets of spiritual principles and ideas, thoughts and insights, contemplations of universal spiritual concepts and virtues, dreams, impressions and imaginings, whether sleeping or with eyes wide open in clear daylight.” The artist often captures a moment in a person’s life, or an event happening in nature, that depict a wonderful sudden insight of something great unfolding before our eyes, an instant of self-discovery, or a unification of the physical and the spiritual. The painter’s beautifully rendered works of imagined or recalled narratives are the result of the artist’s conviction that there is a fine transparent veil that separates the outer physical world from the inner spiritual awakenings of the human spirit. He hopes that his paintings will make that veil apparent to the viewers as they contemplate the visions set forth in the artwork on display.

Born into a family of artists and growing up in postwar Munich, Germany, Sigrun Hukill’s life was surrounded by art from the start. Despite her artistic upbringing, filled with visits to museums and encouragement from her artist parents, Sigrun learned to realize that not even her many travels—either to Europe’s vibrant cities, or across the Atlantic to the American continent, or to the hidden islands of the Pacific—could help her find the slumbering artist within. The sculptor credits her husband, Jeff Hukill, as the person who finally gave her steady encouragement and inspiration to pursue her career as an artist. Clay art became Sigrun’s medium of choice. Reconnecting with her artistic side was, according to the artist, as if “a divine hand had struck a match and ignited the flame,” and she joyfully states that, today, the fire of being an artist still burns brightly in her heart.

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The Essence of Élan – Artwork by Cordelia Bailey
Cordelia Bailey

August 6-27, 2016

Reception with the Artist: Saturday, August 6, 2016(7-9 PM)

When Dallas multifaceted artist, Cordelia Bailey, selected the photographs for her new exhibition at the Bath House Cultural Center, one of her main objectives was to display a collection of art that evoked a powerful sense of liveliness and energy. The title of the show, The Essence of Élan, reflects the artist’s desire to depict art of effervescent nature.

Élan is a word of French origin that means “to dart.” An individual or thing infused with élan may be described as darting around with excitement, exceptional flair, and vigorous spirit. The pieces presented in the show certainly share the common element of vibrancy and jubilation. The artist’s photographs of locations, objects, people, and nature depict movement, texture, intricacy, and brilliant color.

With the recognition that élan is a marvelous word that represents energy, flair, and gusto, the photographer shares art pieces with the viewers that beautifully illustrate the central theme of the show. It is the artist’s hope that, in viewing her artwork, the public will be intrigued, that their eyes will linger, and that they will take with them a bit of the spirit of élan when they leave the gallery.

Cordelia Bailey is a native Dallasite who grew up in the Lakewood area. She attended the University of Illinois, where she earned a PhD. She held several positions in the private and public sector, but has always pursued art as a passion. When she retired from having to earn a living, she became a full-time artist.

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