Gina Garza: HYPER CORD reception August 15 at Circuit 12



A Solo Exhibition of New Work by Dallas Based Artist:
Gina Garza
Artists Reception August 15th 2015 6pm-10pm

Circuit12 Contemporary
1811 E. Levee Street
Dallas Texas 75207
214-760-1212 Gallery



Creating pattern is my preferred vehicle for revealing internal views into outer perceptions. Patterns fabricated in this work operate as vehicles of personal contemplation; while constructing a neutral area of thought. The juxtaposition of thread(s) against birch lends an elegant pause to the viewer, giving them an exclusive invitation into a captured landscape. Pairing methodical craft with minimal materials, the quasi-authorship of art, and the dismantling of ego are confronted within the work.

My process includes an autonomous eye to draft and manifest a desired visual statement using line. The extraction of the subjective, combined into a compositional frame is utilized to equate a minimal pattern that transcends an ordinary, assumed visual predicate. Prerequisites to complete each piece include placement, balance and key use of space. These vital components aid in facilitating one harmonious and meditative environment. This methodical approach constructively acknowledges and inspires various boundaries of discipline. As a creator, visual articulation, craftsmanship, patience, and premise are all areas of preferred focus. These authoritative, self-made boundaries stimulate my incessant desire for recreating the conceptual landscape.

Hypercord3 hypercord2

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