George Kovach opening June 11 at Southwest Gallery


You are cordially invited to Meet George Kovach at his Solo Show

“Texas… Wide Open Spaces”
Saturday, June 11th from 1-5 pm

Each painting, eloquent and rich with the artist’s unique lighting effect, has put his work in demand. Concise and quiet in manner, George is dedicated to the integrity of his profession and strives for authenticity and accuracy in each work. In his own words, “painting is a way of communicating my thoughts and feelings and the joy that I receive from my art.” As one stands before a Kovach painting, nostaligia is brought into vivid focus as he masterfully takes the viewer on a personal journey through time where the romance of the past is brought back to life.


S O U T H W E S T   G A L L E R Y
4500 Sigma Rd.  Dallas, Texas 75244    972.960.8935    800.272.9910


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