GENIUSDEN: Larry Maupin & Todd Gutmann exhibit opens Nov. 19


Reception Nov. 19, 2016

GeniusDen, 3106 Commerce St, Dallas, Texas 75226

Larry Maupin: Our society is often consumed with what’s “going viral” and what’s the next “big thing.” In our rush we often overlook the spectacular beauty of this world that is found only by a slower, more deliberate look – looking with expectant eyes – expecting to find beauty.

As a contemplative artist-photographer and skilled computer craftsman, my desire is to share with you what I have found. With a gift for composition and design, and with decades of photography experience added to my formal photography training, I hope to highlight my discoveries for you. My wish is that you’ll pause long enough to find beauty somewhere somehow amid the rush.

The joyful expressions of beauty from Nature itself constantly inspire me. Whether it’s a misty sunrise, a glorious sunset or the hidden mysteries in an unfolding flower, all of Nature is breathtaking to me.

Todd Gutmann: Todd’s art is hands-on, blending color and texture in ways that speak to adventurous spirits. As a co-founder of pigmnt, an artist collective, Todd has worked to gain exposure for a variety of art, using online social media as a focus group. He works to create an art environment that is accessible to a variety of audiences

With Genius Den, he wants people to find quiet space and creative inspiration that will allow them to mentally unwind, refresh and restore. And perhaps find creative inspiration of their own.

Todd spent thirty+ years in the ad business, including 25 years as a print producer for The Richards Group, Todd has worked for clients and art directors who demand nothing less from their projects than absolute perfection.

Working as an artist has given him the opportunity to work with different techniques and across a variety media. He finds art to be less about perfection and more about taking risks.

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