Fort Worth Show of Antiques & Art March 3 – 5


53rd Year! Thurs, Fri, Sat March 3,4,5, 2016

150 Top Exhibitors from across the US
Will Rogers Memorial Center
Jan Orr-Harter, Show Director, Fort Worth Show of Antiques & Art 817-291-3952

Now 150 Top Exhibitors  *  Now 3 Days

Thurs. March 3, 9 am – 7 pm*

Fri. March 4, 9 am – 7 pm

Sat. March 5, 9 am – 5 pm     

Will Rogers Memorial Center, 3400 Burnett-Tandy, Fort Worth, Texas 76107

Free Parking for Carpools of 3

Art at the Fort Worth Show of Antiques & Art

In its 53rd year, the Fort Worth Show of Antiques & Art could soon be putting the word art first. Art and artists arriving at the show on March 3, 4, 5, 2016 will spill over from the 22 booth “Art Dept.” across the entire show with works ancient to contemporary.   


Art coming March 3, 4, 5 to the Will Rogers Memorial Center:

1. Antique and contemporary photography, including Dallas duo Kim and Peter Robbins, landscape photographer Scott Kilgore and Arkansas exhibitor Zachary Miller who zooms in on color variations that time brings to found glass objects. 

2. Nationally-known Colorado artist Dolan Geiman who works with mixed media, combining imagery and found objects from the west and the south.

“I believe my artistic process originates at the moment I begin rummaging through an abandoned barn, a derelict warehouse, or a gnarly industrial scrapyard,” says Geiman, who will be exhibiting in Fort Worth for the first time, just off a one artist exhibit in Salt Lake City. As an artist, I’m lucky enough to have a job that sets me on cross-country road trips to discover vast bounties of discarded and historical items inspiring the work that I produce in unique and often unexpected ways. Each piece of art I produce contains material truly special to me for its ability to tell a story and stir wonder for the rugged American landscape.”

3. Texas artists exhibiting include Val Hunnicutt, Carol Benson, Barry King, Mary Gregory, David Farrell Sarah Gentry, Cari Davis, Susan Fuquay, David Stanford, Ann Rowley, Scott Kerr, Kim Petty, DeMario Davis and recent work by Ronald Watson from a one-artist museum exhibit last year in Dallas. Consisting of plywood sculptures, many of the museum show pieces will be offered for sale by the Professor Emeritus of the TCU School of Art.

4. Paper-based art such as the antique graphics re-worked into art by Austinite Stephanie Rubiano and the Japanese art paper transformed into          geometric and abstract work by Colorado artist Chris Wheeler.

5. Large scale abstracts by Georgia painter Chawn Murrah and abstracts on distressed mirrored glass by Alabama artist Timothy Poe. 

6. Vintage art will arrive with Kansas art dealer Gordon Harrison, including the large paintings of 1940-70s Texas oilfield worker Graham Harmon. Outsider Art and American folk art will fill the booths of Missouri dealers Joyce Cutright, JT Porter and Steve Ball, as well as southern folk art with Ron Goins from NC and the oversize booth

of Arkansas picker Shane Westmoreland, who generally has the most outrageous folk art on hand. Last year he had a full size vintage dress made of bottle caps and beads. (photos attached)

8. Among the Art Galleries exhibiting will be the Atrium Gallery at Fort Worth’s UNTHSC, Muzeion Gallery of Dallas with antiquities, Lee Small Fine Art, Adobe Gallery, Al-Shariff Gallery from Santa Fe with African tribal art and Artlook, a new gallery starting at the top with etchings by Picasso and Rembrandt.

7. Notably, two architects turned painters will exhibit, David Farrell of Dallas and David Stanford of Fort Worth’s Hahnfield, Hoffer and Stanford.

8. Unusual pieces will arrive in the form of art furniture by Georgia artists 836 North who paint on lamps, tables and other functional objects, New Mexico designer Earl Nesbitt who works in a refined Nakashima tradition, as well as assemblage work by Steve Wiman, owner of Uncommon Objects in Austin, whose art has been described as a blend of Robert Rauschenberg and Joseph Cornell, incorporating found objects into a textured collage.

In addition to art at this year’s annual show, look for 150 exhibitors from California to New York to Florida, plus England, France and Laos. The show offers art furniture and art jewelry, as well as antique and vintage furniture from France, England, America and Italy, lighting, design and accessories from ancient to Mid-Century Modern.

Artwork by Dolan Geiman,  Photo by David Ettinger.  Original file name DWE_140924_2377

Artwork by Dolan Geiman, Photo by David Ettinger. Original file name DWE_140924_2377

Media Contact: Jan Orr-Harter, Show Director, 817-291-3952    Show News at:

30 artists and art galleries are participating in our March 3,4,5 2016 show, from a local young artist just starting out, DeMario Davis, to Rembrandt and Picasso.

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