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Farrago: UNT Photography Exhibit

Microsoft Word - BFAPressRelease.doc EXHIBITION:                                    Farrago


EXHIBITORS INCLUDE:         A group of 21 graduating undergraduate photography students from the University of North Texas,  College of Visual Arts and Design.
EXHIBITION CURATOR:       The work has been done under the supervision of Paho Mann and is in conjunction with the senior  Studio Photography course.
NAME OF THE GALLERY:    Cora Stafford Gallery, UNT/College of Visual Arts & Design (Oak Street Hall, First floor, 1102 W. Oak St. at  Ponder St.)
DATES & TIME :                       Tuesday,  April 29  through, Friday,  May 2 at noon.
                                                        Gallery hours; 10 am – 2 pm
RECEPTION DATE:                OPENING RECEPTION, Thursday, May 1, 2014  5 – 8:30 pm.
ABOUT THE EVENT:                           The University of North Texas is pleased to present the senior photography BFA exhibition of the  graduating class of 2014. The class has titled the exhibition Farrago, examining the multiplicity of  approaches to lens-based imagery; the works tackle the many ways in which the photographic  object/subject is realistically, fictitiously, and creatively constructed. This exhibition encompasses a wide  range of photographic mediums and styles.
Farrago is an exhibition of recent works by senior photography students from the University of  North Texas. Exhibiting artist are Ashley Allen, Brandy Barham, Leah Clausen, Trent Dickson, Erika  Edwards, Hannah Gamble, Hwiwon Tae, Chase Kahn, Grace Lee, Kristina Malig, Jonathan Molina Garcia,  Maribel Morales, Hannah Tidwell, Caitlin Odneal, Evangelina Palacios, Raul Rodriquez, Jongmin Seo,  Marc Slay, Robert Tate, Zac Travis and Mariah Tyler.
PARKING:                                     Parking After 5 O’clock, Oak Street Hall parking lot, Denton, TX
FOR MORE INFO:                     Please call or text, Mariah Tyler at 214-458-8110, or Brandy Barham at 918-519-2105, or  visit https://www.facebook.com/events/374385232699869/ for details.

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