El Corazon exhibition and photographs by Bob Curry at the Bath House Cultural Center

21st annual El Corazón exhibition
Bobbie Howard

February 7-March 7, 2015

Reception with the Artists:
Saturday, February 7 (7-9 PM)

The Bath House Cultural Center presents the 21st installment of its popular annual exhibitionEl Corazón, a passionate and eclectic show that features diverse creations inspired by the heart (El Corazón), an important and alluring symbol in art.

It is true that the number of symbols that have moved and inspired artists throughout history is immense and diverse. But it is also true that very few of those symbols have stirred the imagination of artists as passionately as the symbol of the human heart. The image of the heart is a recurring symbol that appears in works of art that date back to antiquity. Some renditions of the heart are present in talismans and amulets from Ancient Egypt. The heart also appears in ornamental patterns surrounding Greek mosaics from the Byzantine era. Roman Catholicism and other religions adapted the symbol of the heart to represent divinity and love through the arts. Other examples of the predominance of the heart in art are the heart-shaped masks by the Kwele people in Africa, the fresco paintings and stone carvings found in Mesoamerican ruins, the choice of the symbol for body tattoos in modern times, the proliferation of heart-inspired illustrations revolving around the celebration of St. Valentine, and all the other many appearances of the heart in contemporary art. All of these interpretations of the heart—love, passion, devotion, protection, disillusion, etc.—are clear evidence that when it comes to a multiplicity of assignation of meaning, the heart is truly a fascinating and enduring symbol.

Jose Vargas, who got the inspiration for the name of the exhibition from a deck of Mexican Loteria cards that had the picture of the heart with its name in Spanish, has curated this exhibition since 1993.

Participating Artists: Diana Almand, Carley Blackman Yonkman, Kim Carothers, Paul Carranza, Gabrielle Castañeda-Pruitt, Vicki Charlotta, J R Compton, Debi Cox, Linda DuBose, Lori Dudley, Jacque Forsher, Rebecca Guy, Robert Hamilton, Bobbie Howard, Jenny Keller, Joanna LaGrone-Headrick, Mike Mahler, Marcela Mihaloglou, Pavlina Panova, Carlos Alberto Quadra, Christina Ramirez, Janet Reynolds, Gail Roberts, Alfredo Rodriguez, Eloy J. Rodriguez, Jose Balmore Salazar Campos, Ruth K. Sanchez, Joe Sarate, Evan Sartin, Kate Schatz, Sabine Senft, Cece Skeith, Pam Stern, Sammy Thomason, Diane Torres, Mary Ann Turner, Jose Vargas, Tina Weger, and Kim Worthington.

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Pollinators and Predators: Photographs by Bob Curry
Bob Curry
Bob Curry

Presented at the White Rock Lake Museum (located inside the Bath House Cultural Center).

February 7-April 25, 2015

Reception with the Artist:
Saturday, February 7 (7-9 PM)

The photography exhibition Pollinators and Predators distills an ordinary, often overlooked world into a fearsome visual beauty. With the aid of macro photography and other techniques, Dallas artist Bob Curry captures with extraordinary detail and sensibility images that depict the enchanting environment of small creatures. The artist gives the viewer a chance to have a close encounter with small scale pollinators and predators through a collection of images that display the magnificent grace and beauty of the photographer’s subjects as well as their fantastic interaction with their natural world.

Bob recalls that he started taking pictures when he was ten years of age. His first camera, Bob remembers, was a rummage sale relic. Growing up, he captured images of the life he lived. Those people, places and objects, Bob observes, have acquired a longevity beyond their meaning by becoming flat prisoners on photographic paper.

When asked about his interest in photography and the use of digital equipment, the artist states: “Over the years, I have explored and expressed my creative urge in many media, but I continued to revive my interest in the still photographic image. I am strangely attracted to create art forms that include a mechanical or overtly technical aspect as part of the finished work. I have returned to photography again for just that reason. The digital transformation of image creation has washed away time and tediousness of the analog process.”

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Music by Rachel Loss-Cutler-Hull

The opening reception for our two new shows will feature the wonderful music of Dallas artistRachel Loss-Cutler-Hull. Rachel began playing classical guitar in 1989. Her teachers were Erin Johnson, Dr. Enric Madriguera (with whom she earned a B.A. with a guitar concentration at the University of Texas at Dallas), and Robert Guthrie (with whom she earned a M.M. in Guitar Performance at Southern Methodist University). She teaches guitar at Eastfield Community College, performs with other musicians whenever she gets the chance, and writes music from time to time, generally for ensembles.

To learn more about Rachel and her music , visit http://dallasguitarist.com/index.html 

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Wear Red

Inspired by National Wear Red Day®, a campaign launched by the American Heart Association to save lives and raise awareness of heart disease and stroke in women, we encourage those of you who are attending our opening reception on February 7 to wear red to show your support to the campaign and to the artists featured in the exhibitions.

For more details about the National Wear Red Day®, visit https://www.goredforwomen.org/ 

Visit the American Heart Association’s NWRD website

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