Dystopian Dreams opens Sept. 17 at Mighty Fine Gallery

DystopinDreams d_carter_freefall_web
Saturday Sept. 17th 6-9 pm
Dystopian Dreams

MFA Gallery
 (409A N. Tyler / Dallas / Oak Cliff)

(on view: 09.17 – 10.30.16)

Part of the 2016 Freefall Festival in Dallas
Dystopian Dreams, the kind when you’re half-asleep and strung out from what went down the night before. The ones where you’re falling forever and the ground never comes. Where the end comes and clouds of nuclear dust cross the horizon as you embrace in one last kiss. Of clown cars filled with endless costumed weirdos. Of webcam fantasies gone way wrong, trapped in a story you’re paying for, both literally and figuratively. Scenarios played out night after night, with occasional glimpses of higher ground, rainbows and such, just enough to whet your thirst for something more.
featured artists
Dwayne Carter – Actors engaged on colorful landscapes of fallen utopias.
Randall Garrett – Dream paintings float above a cemetery of haunted personas.
Thor Johnson – Cartoon expressionist scenes of violence and gore.
Patrick Patterson-Carroll – A webcam one act in photo and text.
Montoya Williams – Afro-futurist digital images that explore blood memory.
Randall Garrett – Dream Painting (Speed Boat) (2016)
featured performers
Altoon C – Hip-hop abstraction dj set and sidewalk chalk drawings.
Suza Kanon – Trampoline act with video projection as money rains down.
Stephanie St. John – Voting rights act, cast your vote for Utopia vs. Paradise.

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