Dog Days at SLANT


Artists are keen observers of life, and many are inspired by the bond humans develop with their animal friends. The ‘Dog Days’ art exhibition will offer a glimpse into the memorable moments when animals become muse.  Please join us for an art reception on Saturday, August 20 from 6:00-9:00 pm.

During the reception we will be collecting gently used clean blankets, towels, toys (no rawhide please), and treats for our furry friends to share with Take Me Home Pet Rescue, a local group that is passionate about animal rescue.

Participating artists include:
Rita Barnard, Sarah Barnett, Anya Bosworth, Vicki Charlotta, Brett Dyer, Angela Faz, Enrique Fernandez Cervantes, Sylvia Gaines, Heather Griffin, Rebecca Guy, Yuki Hall, Laurie Mahoney, Patricia McMillan, Margo Miller, Sara Sealander, Madelyn Sneed, Jose Vargas, Cheryl Vorhis, and Marie Williams.

Slant is located inside the west wing of Valley View mall (LBJ/Preston) at 13331 Preston Rd., in Dallas, Texas.


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